Valentine’s Day Round Up

We heart Valentines Day here at Prudent Baby, so when we dipped into the vault we came out with our arms full of projects to share with y’all.

With needles, scissors, paper, and/or glue you can make…

Top: Valentines Poems: Love Poems for Every Personality and Anatomical Heart Embroidery Pattern, Ruffle Heart T-Shirt, Blooming Heart Valentines Decoration
Middle: Start Stitching: A Beginner’s Embroidery Tutorial Scarlet’s Heart Pillow, DIY Cupcake Toppers
Bottom: Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps,Color-In Valentine’s Day Cards, Paper Bias Tape Gift Bags

Check out more lovely things to make with pink food coloring and such after the jump…

Top: The Easiest Valentine’s Day Treat: Powdered Sugar Party Mix, Sweet Swirl Cookies of Love
Bottom: Valentine’s Day Rasberry Mint Sugar Hearts, Keys to My Heart Lollipop Valentines

Scone Sweet Scone or Sweet Strawberry Crepes

Or if Valentine’s Day makes you think of guns and beer, do like Jaime does…

Check out the many fun ways to celebrate an Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day.


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