Prudent Project Round Up: All the Potholders!

We uploaded all (almost 1,000!) of the potholder pictures entered into the Sewing Machine Double Down Contest (sponsored by Brother) to the Prudent Baby Project Pool on Flickr! Check them out, and join the pool. We love seeing all the new Prudent Baby projects uploaded there. Hope y’all are having lovely weekends.  Mmm, my blueberry scones are beeping…




Thank you for taking the time to get them all up where we can admire and take inspiration from all the potholders. I'm so excited to see them all.

Ben & Amy Lindner

Thank you for taking the time to post everyone potholders. I really enjoyed looking at everyone's creativity. It looks like the judges had a tough job. They are all so beautiful!!


THANK YOU Jaime and Jacinda for getting all the potholder entries loaded for all of us to enjoy. They are all utterly delicious! The creativity of all the Prudent Mamas out there is overwhelming! I want to go make more!!!


Wow I just flipped through all of them. They are all so crazy crafty cool! and I was honored to see mine there. (This is the 1st sewing contest I've entered) It was soo much fun.


Who made the french toast and egg hotpads? i would love to get a pattern for those to make them. do you think they would share?


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