Prudent Project Round-Up: Chunky Scarf Edition

@kristilourich twittered us this gorgeous red version…
Katie at Paisley and Polka Dots whipped one out and then jumped outside into the snow…
Carolyn at My Backyard Eden made one for her very first crochet project and it looks awesome…
And, umm, “Snot Head” made a super cute orange & blue one over at Through the Eyes of the Young and Naive!

Get our simple Chunky Scarf Crochet Pattern here, and don’t forget to send us a picture of your projects using the Prudent Baby Contact Form!



Snot Head

ha! People always ask me about my blog name. My name is Kylie in real life, but I am a "little sister." Even though my sister is nearly 34 and I am 21, she still calls me "Snot Head" every now and then. When I created my blog, I thought it was fitting to create an aspect of my blog that reflected that part of my life. She says it in only the most endearing way possible. Thanks for including me! đŸ™‚


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