Quick tip: No-slip Slippers

Back in November I was lamenting that these adorable granny-square slippers might be too slippery for a toddler when an ingenious anonymous commenter suggested adding hot glue to the bottoms. Brilliant! So after Clare slipped for the second time in her very much NOT handmade (but oh-so-cozy) Old Navy slippers, I decided to take action and try this tip out. Very clever and YAY for no trips to the emergency room!




hi i fell down WHILE HOLDING SCARLET and have a humungous bruise on my already failing hip – hot gluing my own slippers now too! p.s. she's okay she landed on top of me


Great idea but one suggestion do not put your child’s name on the bottom as it is imprinted into soft surfaces, like beach, playground, etc. anyone could follow your child, and call their name and the child would think they knew them, just a important safety tip. Like never have a child’s name visible to others.


I came across this great blog searching high and low for a way to make my homemade slippers that I’m making for myself and family and friends, and I tried the hot glue idea last night and it works amazingly!! Not only is is great on hard floors, but it doesn’t stick so much on carpet that it would pull off your slipper!! Great tip! Thank you so much!!!!


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