Quick Tip: Wall Baskets

Carleton and I picked up one of these baskets in the Orinoco Delta on a trip around Venezuela (the little one in the middle).  We bought it because some local Warao Indians made a special trip to see us specifically to ask us to buy it, who could say no to that?  Our families saw the basket and thought we had a love affair with baskets and started gifting them to us, and they just piled up.  But when I decided to try to recreate a little slice of the Ace Hotel Palm Springs in my backyard it was the perfect opportunity to put them to use.  I couldn’t get any sort of screw to penetrate whatever exterior walls were built with in 1930 so I just hot glued them to the wall.  They have totally stayed put. Seriously simple and I love looking at them.




In exactly 22 days I will be lounging in that very hammock, sipping a glass of wine, anticipating a weekend full of fabric shopping, thrifting, crafting and eating cheese. mmm cheese.


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