Random Thoughts on Party Food

Some lessons learned at the Third Birthday Fiesta: If you are serving both lemonade and margaritas, it would behoove you to label them as such, especially at a children’s party. Luckily my mother was the first to mistakenly drink too much margarita thinking it was juice, and not a child (sorry  mom).

Bacon wrapped anything is a good idea.

More fiesta party food after the jump…

Make your desserts do double duty as decor. Learn all about how to package cookies, make cookie boards, and hang cookie bunting here.

Kids love hot dogs.

And ketchup, kids LOVE ketchup so much, don’t they?

Buy enough buns, even though 75% of the kids won’t eat em.

Tacos are always a good idea. We hired a local caterer with the best URL of all time: tacosandhotdogs.com. Highly recommend.

Nachos and guac are always winners.

Oscar and his team did a great job.

The kids were happy.

oh no – look! a jumpsuit!

Now I want a taco.




I love bacon so much, I wrote a haiku about it. And turned into a whole blog of really bad haikus. Which I kind of forgot about until now. Oops.


I am very pro tacos and margaritas at a kids party.

I am VERY anti-jumpsuits. Unless you are under three. That is the rule, written in stone.

Mr. Fischer

Nothing like inadvertently getting Grandma tipsy at the kid party. 🙂 Love the ideas for dessert double duty! Thanks for sharing, spring is birthday season at this house.


anna it is a los angeles street food specialty, at carts throughout downtown. the onions and peppers (and tums) are also a must!


My mom would have probably pretended that she thought it was juice, but would have known all along she was downing margaritas.

Kate S.

Your margarita story reminds me of the time someone brought bourbon-soaked watermelon to a (mostly adults) BBQ at our house and I put it out without a label… And then later a friend couldn't figure out why his 2 yo said it tasted bad and refused to eat it. Luckily she really hadn't eaten any but I felt awful!! Lesson learned…


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