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Happy Halloween! Since today is all about putting on a costume and a new face, we have a special project with that theme in mind. Designer, Cori Dantini, put together this Recipe for a Face project for the book, Craft-a-Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists. She walks you through the steps and adds helpful tips for drawing the cutest faces.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t call yourself an artist, this is simple enough for any skill level. Have fun with it too and add your own personal embellishments to your faces. I have a stack of blank white cards that I think these faces could look adorable on for holiday cards.

So that book I mentioned…

With prompts and exercises from 18 different artists, you are sure to turn your doodling into masterpieces in no time.

Check out the steps for the Recipe for a Face project after the jump…

Recipe for a Face

Designer: Cori Dantini

Doodle Prompt: This exercise is similar to a recipe—it has all the ingredients needed to put a face together, but it’s up to you to cook up a face you love. The sky’s the limit here, so have fun and make lots of expressive, weird, pretty, silly faces!

what you’ll need:
White paper
Black fine-point marker (.005)
Pencil (optional)
Eraser (optional)
Markers in assorted colors
You can also download the PDF of the project here: Recipe for a Face PDF

1. Select a shape from the recipe of heads and draw it onto your paper with a black fine-point marker. (A) (B)

Note: If you are feeling cautious, make the face doodle first in pencil and then trace over the pencil marks with a black marker. Once the ink is dry, erase the pencil marks. If you’re not feeling as cautious, grab a black marker and begin.

2. Select a shape from the recipe of noses. Remember that the nose generally sits between where you put your eyes and the bottom of the chin. With that in mind, draw the nose shape inside the head shape, somewhere that makes you happy. (C)

3. Select a set of eyes from the recipe of eyes and draw them on either side of the nose. Place them far apart or close together.

4. Select a mouth shape from the recipe of mouths and draw it below the nose. The mouth, of course, sits between the nose and the chin, but where you draw it is completely up to you. Then add cheeks. (D)

5. Select from the various hair options and draw hair around the face. Have fun with this part. Maybe it’s a bun or pigtails—or maybe you want to draw a big flower instead of hair! (E)

6. Add touches of color on the cheeks and hair with colored markers.

Breaking the Rules
Above are general guidelines I use when drawing a face. In this and any other doodle prompt, I encourage you to learn to follow the rules, then dare to break them and see what happens, as you find your own unique doodling voice. (F)





These instructions make drawing faces actually look simple! I’m amazed. Thanks for the giveaway!!


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