Recycle a Crib Skirt into a Window Valance

What can you do with a crib skirt when you don’t need it anymore? You spent a ton on it. It’s adorable. But it’s kind of useless once kiddo moves to a toddler bed (or even once he/she is standing and the crib mattress gets lowered). Well, we have an idea of what you can do with a crib skirt: Turn it into a window valance!

My friend Anna called me ever so excited with her brilliant idea and asked me if I thought I could make it happen. I was like, girl, you’re a genius! Not only did we make it happen – it’s a NO SEW project! Crazy easy! And the windows still match the bedding, woo hoo!

Learn How to Turn an old Crib Skirt into a Window Valance after the jump. What do you do with old crib skirts or bumpers?  Let us know in the comments, this week’s favorite comment wins that adorbs elephant sewing pattern!
Crib Skirt into Window Valance

First grab your old crib skirt. A normal crib skirt is about 46″-48″ on the long side, so you can do a window exactly that size, or you can trim and hem the sides to make it smaller. Our window was exactly that size so this worked out to be a no-sew project.

D*$% Dog!

Find the corner:

Slice it right on the seam:

Our crib skirt already had a casing in it, nice!

If your crib skirt has a casing, then continue to cut across one side about 1 inch into the lining like so:

If your crib skirt doesn’t have a casing, cut about 3″ in, then continue with the steps below.

Now grab some fusible tape and fold the lining down onto the casing to the back side (the side that won’t be showing) and iron it in place with the fusible tape in the center. If your skirt did not already have a casing, you’ll want to fold about 1/2″, and iron like we just did, then fold down all the way so the lining isn’t showing, and sew in place to create your casing.

So this is what it looks like from the back:

And from the front:

Now fold it up and set it aside while you hang your curtain rail.

Iron your valances and hang them on the rail (that’s my friend Anna who had the crib skirt eureka moment, thank you genius lady).





People are smart. I love this idea– and I'm storing it in my back pocket for future use. Thanks, ladies!

shahanaz (anna)

Hi! I recently came across this blog and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas etc. I have one question….have you any ideas what can be done with the crib bumpers when your child no longer needs it? I'd like to see what ideas people can come up with!
(writing from the Caribbean Isles)


I turned my son's bumper into pillows. Not very functional (A bit on the small side) But Super easy. Just Fold one section over the next section, sew two sides, stuff, and sew the final side.


I never used the crib skirt in my son's set because his crib covered everything below. With the help of my mom, I'm turning the skirt into railing protectors once my son starts teething. The top rails of the crib are too thick for the plastic protectors and I can't afford to spend almost $50 on a set from the store. They're already the perfect length and width so all I need to do is cut them apart, add padding and some ties.


Mine is a bit of a project…But I cut my old bumper pads, sheets, and crib skirt into 2" strips, sewed them together lengthwise, and am now balling them so I can braid them together and make a braided rug for my girl's future shared room. Thrifty, sentimental, the color scheme I still want, and soon to be a beautiful braided rug I have always dreamed of making!


I also used old flannel receiving blankets to make nightgowns for my girl's dolls. They love that the very blanket that wrapped them as infants now dress their babies as well.


This is such an amazing idea!! I've been searching and pondering what to do with my little girl's windows, and this might be the perfect solution… right under my nose! I'm going to pull mine out and start measuring! Thank you!

Laura Rudnicki

My daughter is due in Oct and the crib she got has a drawer on the bottom so I Told her I would make a balance for both the windows in the nursery.


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