Recycle Baby Shower Cards: 4 Ways

Our friend Robyn came to Prudent Baby with a great crafty question…

“Do you know of any good projects that use all the cards we got for Zane at his baby showers?”

So in addition to our recent DIY for origami boxes, we pulled together a few more ideas.

If you are a sentimental nerd AND a stationary geek (like me) you might not want to actually cut your cards. Simply display them on a ribbon or bakers twine with tiny clothes pins. These are from Paper Source, but I recently saw them at Michael’s, in the wood isle.

If you can bear to take to your cards with scissors (or have a copier, he he), here are three more…

Take this tip from Amesh and glue your cards to wood (or cardboard) blocks. You can also mix it up and add some baby photos and pretty decorative papers. Mod Podge would also be excellent for this but beware of using mod Podge with the (typically) water-soluble ink in home printers, it will run.

Make a mobile. Punch your art out of the cards using a Large Craft Punch. Glue circles of decorative paper to the back side with ribbon sandwiched in-between. Tie the ribbons to an embroidery hoop covered in decorative paper.

Or use the circle punched cards sandwiched with ribbon and make an adorable garland.

Does anyone have other ideas for Robyn?




I absolutely love this idea,especially for all those cards that are too small to make boxes(less than 4 inches).Another idea is to use the sentiment inside the card for the backs on the mobile and/or garland.


Exatly what I was thinking, Nancy. Thought I might use the sentiment or the signature of the card giver as the backing.
Great ideas Jacinda! Looking forward to even more. Thanks again!


ok i know i am all up on this post but i just had another thought..i'm about to take down our christmas cards from the mantle – i could make a garland of them like yours, and every year add the new cards to it and have a gorgeous tree decoration that's also a timeline of holidays past!! i'm doing it!

Rising Designs

This comment thread is so much fun. Jaime, remember sparkly ribbon should be on sale everywhere. Also, to save yourself some aggravation next year; make sure to wind the garland around something so it doesn't get tangled!

Mrs B

i will be doing something like your 'clothesline' idea next year on a floating shelf for my christmas cards… these ideas could be used for so many kinds of cards, i've been saving all of my birthday cards since i can remember and it would be great to use as a party garland


I love these ideas, although I wont be able to cut my cards because I also love stationary. I think I will make the garland… so much better than putting them away in a box!!!


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