Retro Inspired Shirt

If you are feeling just the way we were when we first saw this image, you are probably frantically rummaging through your fabric to get started. We first saw this adorable outfit when Terra from, mama says sew posted the tutorial for the cardigan and shorts. We just knew we had to learn how to also make this Retro Inspired Shirt. Since I’m sure you are all itching to start sewing, let’s get to it. Take it away Terra…

Retro Inspired Shirt

I’m Terra from mama says sew and I’m thrilled to be here on Prudent Baby today!
I had this flowered fabric in my stash.  I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for, until I came up with the idea for this Retro Inspired Shirt.  The green fabric was the perfect color for a cardigan to match.  I threw in the shorts and had an outfit for my girl. This is the tutorial for the shirt.  You can find the tutorials for the cardigan here and the shorts here.

The pattern for this shirt is available here.  It’s probably about a 3T/4T.  There is a scale on the page with the back pattern piece to help you make sure it printed to the correct size.
To make this shirt, you will need:
Fabric {1 yard will give you plenty}
Scraps of knit fabric
Scrap of 1/8” elastic
Seam widths are 1/2 inch unless specified.
When you cut out the front and back pieces, you will need to lengthen them. Give the bottom of the shirt a slight A-line as you do.

Once you cut out the back of the shirt, you’ll need to cut on the fold above the keyhole so that the top of the keyhole is separated.

When you cut out the collar pieces, make sure for both the fabric and the lining pieces that they are going in opposite directions, as shown below.

Stitch the front and back pieces together at side seams and shoulder seams.

Cut a piece of your scrap fabric long enough to go around the keyhole and about 1 inch wide.  Make sure that it stretches along the length of the trim piece.

Match the right side of the trim to the right side of the shirt fabric. Stitch close to the edge around the keyhole.

Fold the trim over to the back, covering the raw edges of your fabric.

Topstitch around the trim close to the edge, as shown.

Cut two more pieces of your scrap fabric, long enough to go around the outside of each collar piece and about an inch wide. Again, make sure it stretches along the length of the trim.

Press each piece in half the long way with the right sides showing.

Match up your collar pieces with their lining, right sides together.

Insert the trim in between the fabric and lining along the outside edge of the collar.  The fold should be on the inside. You’ll need to use lots of pins to keep the trim where you want it.

Stitch along the outside ONLY close to the edge of your collar fabric. Trim close to stitching. Clip the curves.

Turn right side out and press.  Repeat for the other collar piece.

To attach the collar to the shirt, insert the collar inside the shirt along the neckline.  Make sure the back of the collar is matched up with the back of the shirt. The right side of the collar should be touching the wrong side of the shirt.

Stitch around the collar. Clip curves.

Turn the collar right side out and press.

Lift the collar up and stitch the raw edges to the shirt, leaving the collar free. This will help the collar lie flat.

Cut two pieces of trim the length of the bottom of each sleeve.  Stitch close to the edge with right sides together.

Flip the trim over to the back, covering the raw edges. Stitch again close to the edge.

Stitch sleeves along the underarm seam.  Sew a gathering stitch onto the curved part of the sleeve.

Turn the shirt inside out. Turn the sleeve right side out. Insert the sleeve into the armhole of the shirt. Stitch. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Sew a zig zag stitch along the bottom of the shirt.

Fold under and hem. I used two rows of stitching.

Sew a loop of elastic to the back of the keyhole.  Add a button and you’re done!



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