Sanity Tip: One Clean surface

It’s been a rough week. Bronchitis, Ear infection, Man cold… it’s ugly around here. Here is one of my little tips for maintaining sanity… clean one surface. I always go for the kitchen island. It is the center of our house and a magnet for clutter. Cleaning a desk top can have the same satisfying effect. Oh, and drink a glass of wine. That can also have a satisfying effect.

To celebrate my clean surface, I filled two giant canisters with the “evil whites,” sugar and flour, and channeled Ina (see photo 7.) Just don’t look just out of frame there to the left, there’s a sink full of dirty pans.

Oh, I also put all of our meds into a casserole dish, that helped with the sanity a little too.

What’s your quick tip for maintaining sanity?




your kitchen looks so gorg. for sanity i usually go with the wine first (as you know), but for me it's picking up the toys. i have to put the toys back in their boxes or my brain hurts and can't function.


your kitchen does look great. makes me want to see the rest of your place!
i like your all things we need in a casserole dish idea. all 4 of us are sick at present so i can put it to use immediately.
i brace myself & do a hurry & get the whole house put back together dash. then crash.


Thanks Kristi! It's granite called "wave." That's all the info I have. I'm not a huge fan of granite in general so I was reluctant to pick it but I really love it now!

Laurie Marshall

I tend to clean when I'm annoyed. With my mostly easy-going demeanor, my house is usually a cluttered mess. But when I need to clean, the island is definitely the first thing done!


I have a clutter corner. Your clean surface inspires me to tackle it and get rid of it. I do see the clutter and when it's gone, I see the space. I love the space so much more!


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