A Scrappy Quilt, A Second Birthday and A Clean Slate: Friday I’m in Love


#HashtagWithWhichImObsessed: If you follow the quilting crowd on Instagram, you may have noticed images of these scrappy quilts filling your feed. Want in on the fun? Just start making simple quilt squares using this clever technique from Bonnie Hunter and then post your progress to Instagram with the #scrappytripalong hashtag.Even if you have never made a quilt, this is an easy beginner project. When you complete the quilt top, use either our Machine Quilt Binding 101 + Quilt Binding DIY or The Easiest Cheat for Binding a Quilt to finish it off! Want to see a few more examples, take a peek at Just a Bit Frayed, Lucy and Norman, I’m a Ginger Monkey, and the Flickr Pool. It’s an Instagram quilting bee, I’m having so much fun. Have you caught the scrappy bug?

Contest which we giddily judged: Our pal Jill from Baby Rabies, poked her head out of a flu and morning-sickness fog (poor Jill) to wrap up her annual Inappropriate Elf contest. Did you see the winners? I was sad that my personal favorite, Ghost (yes, I’m that old,) did not make the top three but really, they were all so funny. canopy bed

My favorite spot to snuggle: Big girl beds! Yes, my babies have graduated, and when they pleaded for canopy, I couldn’t help but fulfill my own childhood fantasy. Topped with some unfinished Joel Dewberry, these modern steel frames exude girly fun. And yes, that is a spool of bakers twine on her headboard. I know not why.

Gingerbread cake

Random Blog with Which I am Smitten: In-between her 13+ hour days finishing med school, Alice blogs at the lovely Little Llama. Stunning photography, style inspiration and yummy recipes make her site addictive. Go Alice go! You are awesome!

birthday boyEvent that is blowing my mind: Gordon is turning 2 on Monday. It feels like he has been here for two years but I can’t believe I don’t have a baby for the first time in 6 years. I’m babyless. It feels weird but also sort of freeing. But then I see things like this (thanks Sarah) and a get a little pang of baby lust. I can’t have a baby just because I see a cute pair of leggings though. Or can I?

Fabric on my wishlist: I can’t wait to surprise my mermaid-loving chicas with Ponch-Style Raincoats in Ann Kelle’s Cotton Laminate Girfriends. *Cue adorable rain dance.

hyacinthA new season to embrace: As I sit here writing, a dried up, droopy Christmas tree lurks over my shoulder quietly taunting me. Yes, it’s time to pack up all the holiday baubles and embrace a clean and clutter-free home. Sigh. I’m just not ready to see it go this year. We were all a little sick and the holidays flew by. With a 5 year old in the house, I know the magic of Christmas will change soon. Will I have one more year of true believers? I hope so.


Happy New Year Mamas. We are excited to share an amazing 2013 with you. Here’s hoping all of our dreams come true, our goals are met and our joy increases! What do you wish for 2013?




Between melancholy at putting Christmas away, hoping for one more year of true believers, realizing I am now baby-less and excitement over getting a big girl bed, you summed up my week in this post. Thanks for another year of my favorite blog – and if you don’t mind, where is the bed frame from?


Hi Sarah! This bed was from room and board. More than one should pay for children’s beds but we plan on keeping them forever. : )

Inspired Cleaner

I loved the bed and the baubles. Yes, I know that is still July, but this year I want to be prepared better for Christmas and New Year. So I am planning what to change. The biggest issue will be the cleaning so that the house to be again clean and clutter-free, but it will worth it. I am following your blog from a few days, so i will use a lot of your ideas for home decoration 🙂 Thanks in advance!


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