Semi-DIY: Apothecary Jar of Candy

Although I might prefer Jaime’s version, I would be so excited to get a little apothecary jar filled with a festive treat as a hostess gift. Nothing says “the holidays” to me like ribbon candy. Yummy and so pretty!
For a little something special, add a personalized touch. A “sweet” little graphic or a monogram painted with Glass Paint.

Easy-as-pie DIY after the Jump

What you need:

– Apothecary Jar – this one was under $4 at Walmart
– Candy
Glass Paint
– A teenie-tiny paint brush
– Tape
– A printer
– Ribbon

What to do:

1. Print out your graphic to size. You can find my “Sweets” graphic here.

2. Position graphic inside jar and tape

3. Following directions on package, treat glass and trace your design with the paint. I used white for an etched effect but you can also use color. It was really difficult to trace small details with the glass paint. I added some dots and swirls to distract from my crooked lines.

4. Let dry per instructions

5. Fill with candy and tie a bow!


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