Semi-DIY Candy Corn Hat

First of all, isn’t the Target spot the most genius retail concept ever? I can’t go through there without at least 5 impulse buys. Included in the loot from my most recent shopping spree was this ‘lil candy corn hat. Last night, I quickly embroidered baby’s name across the front and sewed on a bow. No need to use an embroidery ring, it’s that scary stiff poly “fabric.” It’s kinda “corny” but you can’t beat a costume. Go see if they have any left, and while you’re there grab me a pack of pencils, some snoopy socks, orange sprinkles, a child’s gardening shovel and a decorative dishtowel.

PS. The tutu is one that I whipped up for a last minute witch costume for Clare last year. Stay tuned for an easy tutu DIY next week.




oh and pick me up some rubber varmints, a notepad with an owl on it but only five sheets of paper, and a dog toy or two


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