Semi-DIY Clutch with Tulip Shimmer Sheets

We were asked to try out Shimmer Transfer Sheets from Tulip. While their glittery perfection screamed to be used on goodies for the girls, I decided to hot-mess-mommy it up with a little Semi-DIY clutch. Now that I carry around a big ol’ mama purse day-to-day, I like to lighten my load down to credit card, phone and lipstick for date night. Check out this easy project…

These shimmer transfer sheets are beautiful, so sparkly and bright. They are super easy to use and the only tools you need are a pair of scissors and an iron. Oh, and you need something to adorn with sparkle. I picked up these simple linen clutches at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each. 

Other reviewers have experimented with cutting the sheets on a Silhouette and been successful. See the specifics on Infarrantly Creative. You can also use punches. I just went old school with a pair of scissors. First I drew a simple geometric design directly on the plastic coating of the shimmer sheet.

I cut out my shapes and arranged them on the clutch.

Peel off the plastic top coating and reposition.

Slide a piece of cardboard inside the clutch.  Ah yes, did I mention that the lining of the clutches is leopard print? I wouldn’t want you to be surprised.

Use a pressing cloth (or a scrap of old sheet in my case) and iron in place.

Then I added a few accents to the front.

And it’s your time to shine mama!



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