Sewing Machines We Like

We get lots of emails asking us to recommend sewing machines, so here goes. The first thing to know is that there are three basic types of sewing machine: Mechanical (uses knobs and levers), Electronic (more precise sewing), and Computerized (fancy-schmancy stitches and such). All are good, but they do get increasingly expensive.  Depending on how much you think you will love sewing and how much you want it to be able to grow with you as you learn more, you can decide how much you want to spend.  A good machine can last twenty years, you just want to try to get one that has enough features and stitches that you won’t outgrow it too soon.

Just so you know, we don’t get paid by any of these people to recommend their machines, and we haven’t tried every machine out there, so I’m sure there are others that are awesome. Let us know if you have a favorite machine in the comments and it could win you the Heather Ross double gauze up there on the left. Get our sewing machine recommendations after the jump…

Sewing Machines We Like


For $89 you can get started sewing and make all the basics. Get it here:Brother XL2600I 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Multiple Stitch Functions


This one is confusing because the name says computerized but it’s not a true computerized machine.  No matter, it is the best reviewed machine on Wal Mart and Amazon and I always see it recommended. Get it here: Brother CS6000I 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Multiple Stitch Functions. The list price is $449 but it’s only $147.50 on Amazon right now.


I use a version of this machine and I love it.  It’s a basic computerized machine, they get alot fancier from here but then you just stop being Prudent at all (though at $480 it’s not exactly cheap).  Get it here: Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine.

Note:  I own the Brother Innov-is 40 which was named best machine in it’s price range by Consumer Reports and is only available through sewing machine dealers. I got mine at the awesome Sew Joe Stitch Lounge from super-helpful proprietor Jeanie.

I’ve also heard non stop positivity on the Janome Sew Precise.  Just wanted to add that because I considered it and heard wonderful things.  While you can get a great machine online, it really is a wonderful experience to go into a dealer and speak with them about what you want to do right away with your machine, and what you hope to eventually do as you learn more.  Usually the shop will also offer you classes to get to know your machine.  Oh, and prices are usually very negotiable in a shop.

Now carve out some space and get to sewing!

Let us know what you think and if you have a favorite machine in the comments, it could win you the Heather Ross double gauze up there on the left.  If you’re all good with sewing machines, maybe it’s time for a serger.



Liam's Mummy

If you are in the market for a new machine, make a list of all the features you are after and find a range of machines that are in your price range and have the features you want. Then visit a dealership and give them a test drive. There is no one machine that suits everybody.

I am loving my Janome 3160. It has several automatic button holes, some decorative stitches and comes with an extension table – perfect for me to be able to finally venture into quilting!


Don't have a favorite sewing machine..yet. Just started sewing and picked up an used one off CL (LOL, please tell me everyone starts this way!). It's a Brother xl-5232, which is fine (I guess) for my beginner needs.. But, as I hope to develop skills, I'd love to upgrade.. Are Husqvarnas any good? I read some really good opinions online. BTW, love your blog!

Lindsay @

I have the Brother CS6000 that you recommended and I love it. I have had it for almost three years, I use it pretty hard (garment sewing and quilting) and it still sews like day one. I think I got a steal at under $200 it is well worth twice as much.


I had a brand new Singer Simple, which honestly feature-wise was plenty for me, go belly up in under 6 months, so I bought a Janome 1860 and I'm in total and complete love. It's a limited edition, a few slightly fancier features than the Magnolia 7330 that gets great reviews. I think the best advice you can give is to to tell people to GO TO A SHOP. I felt intimidated walking in the door because even though I have been sewing a few years, I fully consider myself a novice, but I learned quickly that sewists are just as friendly and helpful in person as they are on the internet. A good salesperson will be an immense help in steering you to a few machines that are good for you, and you can test drive! If I had known about the value of expert help, I wouldn't have wasted my money on a Singer 6 months ago. Thank you for this article. Sewing machines are like cars. Too many features to keep track of, and if you're new, it's hard to distinguish what is important versus what is just fluff.


How sad is this? I don't even know the exact make and model of my sewing machine. What I do know is that, basic as it is, I love it. It's a mechanical that I got from my mom (well, parents) for my 16th birthday. I learned to sew on this thing and couldn't imagine not keeping it for my own girls to learn on, even were I to buy a newer, fancier model for myself.
Living in an apartment with 4 (soon to be 5) children 5 and under and a husband, there is no dedicated crafting space, so I don't get to use it as often as I like currently, but I do manage to use it. I drag it out from under the desk, take it out of the non-custom case we bought for it at the RagShop, and place it on a TV tray table (I know, sad). I recently made my cousin-in-law and myself each our very own nursing covers on it using this set-up.
Will I buy a better one some day? A fancier one, perhaps; a more modern one, definitely; but a "better" one? Not a chance. They don't make them better than a girl's first real sewing machine, whatever that may be.

Kristyn Gunter

I hate my machine and desperately need a new one! I have a mechanical White and it refuses to pull straight! (and I've checked, it's not user error like I once thought) πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recommendations!

Ruth @ Hammer and Thread

Thanks so much for posting this I will be coming back to read all these comments. I have a Huskystar 207 and I would not recommend it.
I can't find bobbins for it to save my life. The model doesn't fit into any of Husqvarna's current series so the shops give me the wrong piece everytime. After a 45 minute call to Husqvarna's customer service I still ended up with the wrong bobbin. So even though I really want a darning foot there is no way I'm even going to start looking. It also won't sew elastic thread so I'm missing out on the whole shirring trend.
I'm so done with this machine. so thanks for getting a recommendation thread going.
Hammer & Thread


My husband bought me the Brother CS 6000 from overstock. They have a great seletion and some are refurbished, like mine that are sooo much cheaper than they would be otherwise. This was an upgrade gift from my handy dandy hand held sewing machine-hey i was in college and it was just what i needed to make an apron and hem a dress for a strawberry shortcake outfit. Although, had it not been for that sexy little costume, my husband would not have gotten hooked!


I have the second machine that I THOUGHT was computerized. I was thinking I was all cool upgrading to a computerized one! Oh well, it's still awesome!


I've had my Singer (a mid-range model) for about 8 years and have LOVED it. Unfortunately two of my little people tripped on the cord and knocked it off the table. It has never been quite "right" since, so I guess I may be shopping for a new one. Thanks for the great advice!


I have a few I love, all for different things!
Mechanical, Viking Emerald 116. This thing can sew through just about anything. Electronic, I love my Babylock Crafters Choice, it's my favorite for sewing knits. Computerized, Brother for sure!! I have a Innovis 900D, I love it for everything! So user friendly! Sews beautifully and is also an embroidery machine. I have a Brother 1034D Serger, also very user friendly. Brother is the most user friendly by far in my opinion.


yes! thanks so much for this perfectly timed post on machines. i have a entry level singer i got from walmart a few months since i knew nothing about machines and it just seems so clunky and clumsy. my mom kept telling me to invest some more money in a better machine since im so addicted to sewing so ive been wanting to upgrade. the brother cs6000i seems lovely and only a little bit more than what i paid for the singer. although im a bit confused as to why they say its "computerized" but you say its just an electronic. care to englighten us newbies?

thanks again prudent mama! love love your blog =)


If you can, try out your machine before you buy. I have a mid-range Singer that I really like. My mom has a stinkin-expensive Bernina that hates me. I know other Berninas are nice and work great, but this particular older Bernina has it out for me. When my mom sews, nary a thread breaks. When I sew, it freezes up, breaks threads, and sticks its tongue out at me.

Moral of the story: Try the machine before you buy it to make sure y'all can play nice. πŸ™‚



I love my vintage 1950's Singer 319W, which was one of the first zig-zag machines and will do decorative stiching with a variety of cams (which can still be found on ebay.) It's cast iron and celery green!

My mother finally upgraded her awful 1960's Singer a few years ago to a mechanical Bernina 1008 which I also love (it has a free arm which mine does not.) It's not cheap, but it sews "like buttah" – I used it a couple of years ago to hem tablecloths for my wedding (what was I thinking?)

Yes, please, do sergers next!



I have the last one (a fancy group Christmas gift) It makes me very happy! I previously used my grandmother's 40 year old Kenmore. You can't beat those old machines, there are like a piece of heavy equipment! Everything on this new machine feels cheap by comparison but I love knowing that when something isn't working, it's operator error.

My MIL and SIL's, the super-sewers in my family are hardcore Bernina loyalists. They are an investment for sure but I hear they are the best for the serious sewing enthusiast.

Sally P

After inheriting a Singer Touch-n-Sew from the 1960's, I had some severe bobbin anxiety. The bobbin on that old machine gave me fits. Now I have a Singer Curvy, which is a dream to work with. Threading the needle & installing the bobbin takes just 2 minutes & it works beautifully every time. The variety of stitches are wonderful. The only problem so far is that I have not found a walking foot for quilting. I love to sew now!


I own that PC-420 PRW Edition and I love it. LOVE it. I want to kiss it whenever I sew. If you're going to sew with any regularity I think it's worth the money, it just has taken so much of the frustration out of the process for me after working with a very old hand-me-down machine for a while. It's amazing.


I have some kind of Bernette that I've had since 1990. It does ok, but it has developed a new annoying characteristic that can't seem to be fixed. So, I'm going to say my fave sewing machine is my pair of hands.


I asked for a sewing machine for my 23rd birthday. I was so excited, and my husband did a good job picking one out (Brother XL-3510), but I have to say I was embarrassed to tell my friends what he got me for my birthday LOL. They were all getting shopping sprees and Iphones and all the "cool" things, and all I wanted was a sewing machine :). Anyways, I love the machine. Sometimes it does weird things, but I'm pretty sure it's user stupidity.


I have 2 machines – a Jukie TL-98Q that only has a straight stitch, but is super fast – great for machine quilting and chain piecing. It is going on a Grace quilt frame after I move house. I love it. I also have a computerized, Japanese-made New Home Memory Craft (same as a Janome) from the 1980's that I found on craigslist. I am trying to learn to make clothing and it has a lot of different stitches and feet. I may be its third owner but she stitches great and I would highly recommend Janome/New Homes.

Some must-haves for me – a needle up/down, a reliable zigzag and blanket stitch, a free-arm, and a decent stitches-per-minute speed. (And a walking foot – but you can always get that after)


My mom is a big sewer and out of the blue three years ago gave me a machine for Christmas (even though I hadn't sewn in years). Since then I've been a sewing-aholic. Hooray for wise mothers. Anyhow, when she went to pick out a machine she first browsed through Walmart and then went to her sewing machine dealer (where she buys her fancy shmancy machine and tools) and asked why she shouldn't get a Walmart machine. They convinced her that getting a bottom of the line better name machine would make a world of difference. And while I haven't sewn tons on Walmart machines (but I have some), I wouldn't trade my bottom of the line Pfaff Hobby 1122 for a more expensive Walmart machine. I just wouldn't. It doesn't have all bells or whistles, but after sewing on it weekly for three years, I have never had a problem. It it smooth sewing. Someday I'll upgrade and pass this one on to my kids or something, but in the meantime, it is perfect for me.


I just got a Janome DC2010 for my birthday to replace my broken Singer Stylist. It's their entry level computerize machine and so far I love it!

Lil' Bit and Nan

My husband bought me a Singer for my birthday. I love Singer's but never specified to him about brands of sewing machines, so I asked him why he chose the Singer, and he said "because it had Martha Stewart's face on the box." "If Martha recommends it, then I assume you want it." So funny, yet so true.
– Bethany


I have the second electronic Brother and I love it! I just discovered that it has an overcast stitch I can use in place of serging. My mom says it purrs like a Cadillac. (I think that means she likes it!)

kim kruse - - - the sassy crafter

Great post for giving beginners some ideas for what to look for when buying a machine!

I agree that it's prudent to spend a little extra money now to get a well-built machine that will last the test of time. I'm still sewing on the mechanical Husqvarna 215 that I bought nearly 20 years ago, back when they were still made in Sweden. To this day, I love it!

I'm also partial to the 1958 Brother that I own, just because it still sews beautifully and it's so vintage delicious.

I've been planning a similar post for my own site and will definitely link to yours when I finally get around to it. Thanks!

Ruth Yoder

My favorite is the husquarvana brand. They make great sewing and embroidery machines. I never have a problem with the tension on these.


I absolutely love my Babylock Decorator's Choice machine. Yes it was expensive, but it has been fantastic. Now to start thinking about a serger….


I think we have the same serger. If that one in the last picture is yours. O how I love my serger. Such a great tool!


I really like my Husquavarna Huskystar. It does everything I need it to so far and people have commented how quiet it is. Someday I will get a serger too!


love hearing everyone's machine stories! that are like good friends (or enemies). to answer one question – on an electronic machine you touch a button that sends an electronic impulse that changes the stitch setting/tension/whatever you are trying to change. a computerized machine has a microprocessor.

Courtney M

I've been learning to sew on an older Bernina and I love it. I think it electric with some manual stuff mixed in (this machine is from the early to mid 90's). I don't even want to have to think about buying my own yet because I love this one so much.

Pixi Rae

After killing a mechanical singer (my first, bought used from a friend) and a brother (the CostCo edition), I am looking for a new one. My Singer died when a shelf that it was on collapsed. The brother spontaneously went kaput one day for no known apparent reason (I even looked into getting it fixed, but that would cost more than I spent on it originally). My mother and sister both splurged on Berninas and they love them, so I'm leaning towards one myself, but I'm not sure I'll ever have the money.

Milk & Cookie Party

I have an Elna I purchased about 8 years ago and love it. It gets serviced every now and then and has worked great. Wouldn't trade it.


Someday my mother-in-law is going to come back to the United States and take back her Bernina. And then I'm going to think, "Last year there was a post on some site about good sewing machines… what was that?"


I would say even more important than the type of machine (I'd swear by my Janome, btw)is WHERE you buy your machine. Buying online is always convenient (and with the right place is a great option) but if you can find somewhere local to get your machine – the kind of place that will teach you how to use it, show you the best maintenance, has someone you can ask if you have questions and bring it back for yearly cleanings and maintenance, any sewing machine will do you good. I have a friend who bought a machine at a garage sale years ago – an OLD machine – and she brought it in to our local repair guy/store and he cleaned and fixed it up, and begged her to keep it instead of buying a new computerized, because it's such a beautiful, well built workhorse and will give her years and years of service.


I started out on a Brother Xl2600I like you have posted above. I died on me 3 months after I bought it and had a nightmare of a time trying to find a dealer willing to work on it since I didn't buy through them. It was still under warranty but no one wanted to touch it. Ended up having to drive over an hour away! It's been in the closet since.

I LOVE my Janone DC2010. Got it at a dealer for $399. I've had it for over a year, use it daily, and have sewn through seriously thick layers with it. I'd suggest sticking with machines you buy at the dealer so if you need help with it, you will get it!

One exception to that would be the Brother 1034D serger. Bought it online through for about $150 and it works beautifully!!!


I was sewing an old Singer (was my husband's great grandmothers) until my daughter who was about 18 months at the time knocked it off the sewing table! Last year I bought a Huskystar E20 and I lve it. Got it new but at a fraction of the price. It is fairly basic but has lots of stitches I have yet to use. I do love the auto buttonholer. I will be getting another old (50's era) Singer that was left to me by my great aunt as soon as I take the trip from MA to PA to get it! CAn never have too many machines,right! Jen from MA


I have a Brother XR-7700 from overstock (I think it was about $140), and I've only used it for two weeks, but I love it. I'm as beginner as beginner gets, and the machine is really simple to use. I just made pajamas and a toiletry bag, and both came out pretty good without too much trouble.


I also have the Brother Innovis-40 and am very happy with it. I researched my purchase for weeks was a bit obsessed with finding just the right machine for the least money possible. I ordered my younger sister a simpler Brother from Overstock really cheap so she could learn the basics. She'll probably want to steal mine soon.


I have a singer from many years ago and I love it, I gave never used a serger but would live to own one and learn how to use it.


I have a Bernina 930. It is AMAZING. The same machine I learned to sew on, but my mom refused to relinquish hers, finding ones for me and my sister on ebay instead. Solid as a rock (and built like one – it weighs a ton), it runs well despite being 30 years old. Somewhat hysterically, the motherboard melted the first time I used it because it hadn't been cleaned. Oops. (I called my mom and told her, "the sewing machine is on fire!") Thankfully the lovely repairman at the Bernina store repaired it in a week, and now it's speeding along nicely. Let that be a lesson – I don't know about the newer ones, but keep those older machines maintained! πŸ™‚

Amy L

I love my Kenmore 19233! I was previously using my mom's Singer from the 1960's, so features like a needle threader, drop in bobbin, and automatic needle up/down have changed my (sewing) life. πŸ™‚


My parents bought me a basic singer for about $100 at Walmart after watching me painstakingly sew the top of a patch work quilt by hand when I was 18! Now (14 years later) I use it to sew clothes for my kids & window treatments & pillows for me. I feel like as my sewing has advanced, I ought to get something fancier, but – hey it is so dependable! I've never even had it serviced, just keep it oiled!

Cole and Mindy Smith

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my sewing machine! Seriously, I didn't know how good it was until I tried a few others. I have the Project Runway Computerized one as well, and it seriously is the BEST! It has a bazillion stitches- more than I could ever use- but I give it a run for it's money! I have had it for almost 3 years now, and have only broken 2 needles (all on one horribly hard project- so it's my own fault!) I clean it every now and then- in fact- I'm probably good for a clean right about now. I think it was a bit pricey- it was a gift, so I am not too sure how much it cost- but I love love love it! I want a surger like I want another arm! Wouldn't it come in handy!


just when I think i have contentment….now i am thinking 20 years! In 20 years surely I will be better than my "Singer Simple"!!!! Looks like I may need an upgrade from Santa-umm, or the Fall version of Santa, like I can wait until Christmas!


HELP! I own a Babylock Quilter Choice. I bought it from a dealer last December and have since received another (in June) from the dealer because they couldn't get the tension to work correctly on the first one. My new one works much better but I still have issues with it.

Straight stitch- the top looks great but on the underside (bobbin side) you can see 'dots' of the upper thread in between the stitches

zig-zag- the top looks great but on the underside you can see the upper thread being pulled through making it not look nearly as 'zig zaggy'.

It also leaves loops of thread on top of the stitches on the bobbin side (underside of material)…which is bad because with clothes, home decor items the underneath part is the one you see.

Any ideas, adjusting the tension doesn't help At All. I don't know what to do with it…


I use a Janome Magnolia 7318. It's pretty basic, but gets the job done. Someday I'll get a more computerized one. Right now, though I am definitely dreaming of a serger (hint, hint Santa Claus).


I also have a Janome 7318 and love it. I'm just now starting to explore beyond hemming curtains, so it's a great basic machine for my needs. and, more importantly, has a drop in bobbin. Hello?!?! That was a total selling point for me as I've done battle with a bobbin in the past and it is no fun.


I use a 40+ year old Pfaff. Before that, I used a very basic Singer, that I got for a present from my mom. She is my sewing idol. Lol. I take it in for tune-ups every few years, but it runs like a champ. I borrowed my mom's serger, but don't find myself using it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I just need to take a class, so I know what all it can do. When people ask me about a starter machine, I tell them to look for a basic one to see how they like sewing and to see how often they will use it. Then they can watch CL, or put the word out with friends and family that they would like to upgrade. That is how I got my aunt's old machine from my cousin's wife. My mom taught me on my great grandma's kick pedal machine. Whatever works for your needs. : )


I just purchased a Bernina Activa 240 machine and it's heaven. It's a good time to buy an Activa machine as Bernina has a new line coming out to replace it and dealers are looking to get rid of the old ones.

I call my new Bernina machine my "mistress" since we spend alot of late nights together. πŸ™‚

A Playful Whimsy

Great Advice! Thanks!
I currently use my mothers Bernina 930 i LOVE IT. Its older but it works wonderfully! I purchases a Bernette a sister to the Bernina's about a year ago- i paid $190 for it on sale but it recently has been acting up and i'm back on the market again! I would lover a Bernina but they are quite spendy! I think i will be checking out the Brothers!

follow me! πŸ™‚


I don't know too much about sewing machines. I'm a beginner and was looking for something that was good yet easy to handle. I was given an ancient dinosaur Singer sewing machine, which I was told worked perfectly well, but every time I looked at the T Rex of sewing machines I'd run and hide. My grandmother came to visit and tried to tame my fear but when she sat down to figure it out and couldn't it scared me even more. Anyway… I ended up with a Kenmore.

Kenmore Drop-In Bobbin Sewing Machine

It's pretty basic and I LOVE IT! I would recommend this machine to anybody looking for something cheaper, reliable and easy to use.


im also thinking about getting a new sewing machine
i know all ready that sewing is a part of my life and it has been for the past 7 years
but im thinking of bernina sewing machine…
i herd that they and puff are the strongest componies…
hopefully ill find the money and get it soon
thanks for the top explnation that defined the tipes of sewing machins realy good

Jaimie, Dustin, Logan and Holly

Great post! I have a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203 and i like it! My mom bought it for me after having my son 2 years ago because she thought she was buying too many gifts for him and i needed something too! sewing has since then turned into my favorite thing to do for business (etsy) and fun and my machine gets a few hours of use everyday!

I really have nothing to compare it to though as the machine i got to take when i moved out of the house when i got married only decided to work somethings and was soo frustrating i didn't even want to touch it!


Nice post. I wanted to buy a sewing machine but didnt know which one to buy and now i do! I think i'll go with the Brother CS6000i. But i am not sure what accesories i need with it. event basic stuff .. i used to sew a while back. Now its been over 7 yrs and i havent stitched on a machine. What sewing accessories would you recommend to buy along?

The Periwinkle Piggy

Thank you so much for this post! I was just telling my wonderful husband that I want a new machine for the next gift-giving opportunity.

Right now I sew on a 5-year-old Brother that I found collecting dust in my mom's closet. It was great to learn on but isn't the best for keeping up with all of my orders. I want a new machine…preferably a computerized machine for embr also. A serger would be nice, too…that's actually all my shop-partner uses.

(Btw, I'm still eyeing those beautiful double-gauzes!!!)


I just have a basic Singer sewing machine.. but it works for everything I do on it! and if not, I head over to grandma's where she's got the sewers dream basement!


Thanks for this post! Couldn't have come at a better time as I'm thinking about getting a new machine to replace my brother that is slowly wearing out. However, I'm still trying to convince the hubby. He can't quite swallow the price tag of some of the machines. But I try to explain to him that I currently have the base Honda Civic and would at least like to upgrade to the Accord. Or a 7:1 vs. a 5:1 sound system. I'm still working on it, but thanks for some great options!


This post was so helpful… I NEED a new sewing machine (I'm still working on my mom's Kenmore from about 1976!). Thank you so much for the tips!

Wall Family

I have a Brother which works well for me, but am now thinking that the more sewing I do I might need a new machine. Thank you for the post and yes, talk about sergers please!!


I bought my first "real" sewing machine when I left home, 1969. It's a Bernina and after my daughter was born, thought I should upgrade to a computerized machine. So I bought a Viking (yes! I jumped ship!). I've sewed on it three times! Am looking to sell it even though it's several years old. Paid close to $2K for it! I must have been suffering from sleep deprivation. Back to my old Bernina, who is like an old friend who adjusts to my quirks. Must be how some old folks (I'm 63) feel about their old Singers!!


I own the Brother "electronic" as listed above. It is fairly easy to use and its perfect. I sewed a few things on it (waiting for my fabric) and I cannot wait to use it for my upcoming projects. Love your site!

The Mack Pack

I love my Bernina Virtuosa 150. My mother-in-law helped me convince my dear hubby that I NEEDED it to run a proper home and do the mending, crafting, sewing, etc. She told him his father bought her Bernina for her when they were first married and 30 + yrs later it was going strong.
He bought our plea and 10 yrs later I still have my Bernina, my husband, and have done lots of projects with & for my Mother-in-law. Now if she had a nice serger, maybe I/we could convince DH that it is a necessity as well. πŸ™‚

Alison C

I have two sewing machines and I love them both equally. I have my mums old New Home (Janome) 535 which is a work horse – there's nothing that machine can't sew through! and my new Brother Innovis 10 which is my every day machine. My husband bought it of ebay without consulting anyone – he thought I'd like it cause its pink (!). Fortunately the machine and I get on well so it turned out OK!
I recently made a slightly tipsy purchase of an Elna 745 serger from ebay – I'm too scared to use it though so I just look at every now and again!!! lol!

Erin Ashley

I love my brother machine. It's the project runway one limited edition. I was a beginner when I got it and had only sewn on an oldie before that. It was super easy to learn though and I love all the functions and I am able to embroider things with it too! Bonus! Hooping is TRICKY though! I am still learning the best way to do that.


I have 2, my 60's "touch and sew" it's a workhorse & can sew thru ANYTHING! BUt, it's heavy & expensive to fix (not to mention I can't find the bobbins that fit it anymore.

I too bought the Brother "Project Runway" version from Overstock. Yes its refurbished & I do love it's simplicity (no thinking or fussing, just sewing Wheeeee!)

I would recommend Overstock to those (like me!) who live in a community with very little sewing outlets (we only have 1 fabric shop in town!)


I'm completely head over heels for my Babylock Decorators Choice. It's definitely not a cheap machine, but it was a gift from my parents when I graduated college. As far as sergers go, I was crazy lucky and found someone selling a brand new (they had never even opened the box!) Babylock Imagine for $500! Again, not cheap but totally worth the price since I don't have to fiddle with tensions or threading the loopers!


??? since you've got your sewing machine at sew joe stitch lounge(which is closed now), you must live close from me? lol it feels nice to know that who the blogger is! Thank you for many amazing tutorials.


I'm using my dad's (yes my dad can sew) Janome 4618 LE on a long term loan basis after I broke the thread tensioner on my light weight Brother and I think it's the perfect beginner's machine. My dad said the salesman showcased it by sewing through a piece of toilet paper without ripping it and sewing straight onto a piece of 1/4 inch leather without stopping. It's gears are aluminum I believe so it's very heavy but rock solid. It has 18 stitch settings, including smocking, automatic buttonholes, several decorative stitches, free arm sewing, half a dozen different presser feet included, ect. I have never had a problem with it. Ever. This machine is at least 15 years old and still runs great, and I've been sewing up a storm since I found this blog with all these adorable little girl clothes. I'm saving up to buy my own machine, but I want one that's a little more advanced, maybe one that will allow me to get into machine quilting or do some basic embroidery on more decorative stitches, but I think I'll definitely be going to the Janome dealer a few towns over when I'm ready to buy.

Lisa Ann

I have a Singer Merritt? I got it as a $20 goodwill find and although I can only get it to do a straight stitch (can't afford to fix it either)… I love it. I've quilted, sewn my kids some clothes and toys, and made gifts for all of my friends. I wish I had a more reliable machine (one that sews straight!), but I really still am just so thankful for the one I have! Someone just recently gave me their goodwill find and I hope I can get it to work! It's an electric machine that's supposed to be able to do multiple stitches. Unfortunately all it does is a straight stitch the knobs don't work yet, and rubber flies out the side lol…
I'm crazy hooked on sewing and am glad you posted reviews on the machines you like. I doubt I' can save to buy one (2 kids , stay at home mom with a husband in ministry) but if I were to… At least this is a great place to start!


I love my Bernina 630. I did a lot of research before I bought it. I learned on a Singer, but the newer ones don't seem to be the same quality. That one was from the 1950s. My mother bought me an old Kenmore at a yard sale. She bought it in the early 1980s, and it was about 20 years old then. It's a good machine, but I haven't used it at all since I bought my Bernina. I should use it for some of my quilting. Maybe I'll try it again one of these days!

Like someone mentioned before, find out what kind of support you have locally. I have two Bernina shops within 40 miles, so that greatly influenced my decision.


oh man.. i bought my sewing machine brother 2600 in my country (Indonesia, south east asia) about US$284.21 last January and my dearest friend bought the same product about US$189.47 last week and that’s the cheapest from other store (same type) *crying out loud*
but no problem, i love sewing with this machine. very easy to use πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing by the way..


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