Simple Serger Toddler Dress (or no serger, up to you)

I banged out this little dress for Scarlet using the sewing machine and the serger. Serger is not required, but if you have one maybe you’d like to use it.

If not, just use your sewing machine.  Make sure you have one fun necklace though, this dress is all about the necklace. DIY tutorial after the jump…

Beginner Serger Project: Simple Serger Dress Tutorial with Necklace Goodness

Cut out 2 pieces of jersey fabric in this general shape:
Serge a rolled hem across the top of both pieces, or iron 1/4″ then another 1/4″ and sew:
With right sides facing sew the shoulders together, then either cut the edges with pinking shears or serge the edges:
With right sides still facing, sew up the side (leaving a large armhole), then cut the edges with pinking shears or serge:
I serged a t-shirt hem around the bottom, but you can iron 1/4″ then another 1/2″ and sew with a straight stitch or blind hem stitch:
final hem:
I serged a rolled hem around the armholes, but you can again iron and hem with your sewing machine:
Create two tubes of fabric about 3″ long by sewing a strip together right sides facing.  Cut the edge with pinking shears or serge:
Turn them right-side out:
Wrap them around the shoulder and turn the inside edge out and sew or serge together:
Flip it back around:
Now you’re done except…
Add a necklace through the tubes you just created:
and share a cracker…




wow that is the cutest dress ever!!! I don't think my son will wear it I might have to try it in my size:) Thanks for all of the awesome ideas btw!!


It IS cute, but I WORRY about putting any kind of cord/chain around a toddler's neck.It is too
late after they have an accident, or choked..
Just a thought?…


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