Sleeping Beauty Party: The Easy Pocket Pillow

These simple pocket pillows from The Sleeping Beauty Party were a breeze to make (with some help from my mama.) We finished up 20 in a few hours, assembly-line style! They were the perfect little handmade favor with a pouch for more take-home goodies.

Here’s how to make an Easy Pocket Pillow…
1. Cut front and back for each pillow, approx 10.5″ x 8″ and a pocket, approx 10.5″ x 7″
You will also need trim, stuffing and basic sewing supplies. We used Josephine Kimberling Just Dandy, Daisy Garland Petunia for the pocket. Josephine Kimberling Just Dandy, Daisy Wreath Petunia for the back and Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Passion Lilly Cerise Pink (which is on sale right now!) for the inside pocket.

2. With right-side-up, fold top of pocket over 1/4-1/2″. Optional: If you want to hide the edge of your trim, fold edge of pocket over again and slide trim underneath. We wanted the edge of our pom-poms to show.

3. Position trim over (or under) folded over edge.

4. Pin in place.

Make sure your poms are at least 1/4″-1/2″ away from outside edge.

5. sew trim to pocket along top and bottom edge.

6. Lay inside pocket down, right side up.

7. Position outer pocket directly over, right side up.

8. Place pillow “back” on top, right side down.

this is the order…

8. Pin through all layers, all the way around.

Love this little trick that I picked up from Love Affair with My Brother

9. On the bottom edge, leaving the center open for turning and stuffing, sew straight into the edge 1/4-1/2″, leave the needle down and turn towards the corner.

10. Continue stitching to 1/4″-1/2″ from corner and turn. Continue around until you get back the bottom and only have the opening left.

11. Now turn towards the edge and sew right off it.

the edges of the opening will look like this.

here’s another fabric that shows it better.

12. Snip off all 4 corners.

13. Turn right-side-out and stuff. Use small children.

See how that stitching along the sides of the opening folds it in? So nice.

14. Once stuffed, pin closed.

Depending on how many you are doing, you can either blind stitch the opening (which will look the best) or do a 1/4″ straight stitch along the entire bottom edge (which is the fastest.) We did the second option and they looked JUUUUUST fine.

Stuff the pocket with a few surprises and you are done! We stashed a pop-out-hair-brush compact, a little pedicure kit and finger flashlights.



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Looks like the pockets were truly a big hit! I'm so glad we got to do this together. It was truly an enjoyable experience for me. Thanks for the opportunity! Love, Mom


Love how you didn't have to do the pockets separately. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your trick. I might employ it in the small clothing I construct… a top with a huge pocket for rocks? Not only will that make the kids happy, but me too! I will no longer have to hurt my fingers digging for rocks on laundry day. 😉


These are adorable. I'm sure you're referred to as "rockstar mom" around your neighborhood.


so i'm confused on step 12, are you supposed to stuff the small children INTO the pillow? HA. scarlet is looking over my shoulder demanding a pink pocket pillow of her own.


We're having a combined Doctor Who birthday party for our 2 sons (their birthdays are close together, we're combining for family traveling reasons) and they're both obsessed with Dr Who. (We'll do a small cake and make their actual birthday about them with just the immediate family) I have been racking my brain for party favor ideas, since I am going to have to be creative and I think this would be awesome. Do a space themed pillow with pocket and make some bowties and add some treats. Thank you for the idea and the tutorials!! Makes my job a lot easier!


If you don't have stuffing, you can definitely use small children. I know how much you hate going to the store. I will send Scarlito a pillow.


OH! and just a quick note that using some interfacing in the pocket would be really easy and give it more structure but not necessary.


Love these! You always have the best pom-poms – I don't see them on fabricworm or any of my usual spots – will you share your source?


Unfortunately (for everyone but me) most of my poms are vintage, a gift from my Sister-in-Law, who found them in a Vegas Warehouse. True Story!


super cute. i'll try and remember this one! my lil one turns 3 in october and it would a great favor!


This article is so ironic, it seems as if your trying to stuff literal children into pillows


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