Some Thoughts on 2015 and the New Year

I will always remember when I called Jacinda in 2009 to say “Hey girl, let’s start a blog. Let’s make stuff everyday, and write about how we made it. It will be fun. Maybe some people would like to read it.” Jacinda said something along the lines of “You’re a little nuts, that sounds like a lot of work. But yeah, let’s do it.” And here we are, 7 years later, still best friends, still trying to be creative every day, still mothers and makers. Also still goofy enough to copy a Heart album cover for our author photo. #DreamboatAnnie Jaime and Jacinda

We had a lot of fun in 2015. We threw a marching-band themed “Band Together” party at Alt Summit Winter, and spoke about the business of blogging to a packed crowd at Alt Summit Summer.Pretty Prudent ALT 2015

I traveled a whole bunch and wrote about it here. I took Scarlet to Oahu, Carlsbad, Arizona, and New York City. I took my girlfriend Macki to Jamaica, and went on a Caribbean cruise with Jacinda and some friends. I took myself to South Dakota for a week and Copenhagen for a weekend. 2015 Travels

I wrote guides to my beloved hometown of Los Angeles for Mommy Nearest, and started hosting an online TV Show called FM in the AM with the adorable Susie Meister where I showed how to make these easy flower napkin rings, host a terrarium party and more. FM in the AM

We spent 2014 frantically developing projects for our book, Pretty Prudent Home, which we are so proud of. The book came out in spring of 2015 and I was thrilled to share it. We did a fun Pretty Prudent sale with Zulily (where I scored my most favorite mermaid salt and pepper shakers). Pretty Prudent Home 2015

We went on a book signing and crafting tour with Land of Nod, which was a blast, and just reveled in holding our ambitious, project-filled beauty in our hands. I was also just wiped out. We had put so much creative energy and focus into developing hundreds of projects, the best of which made it into the book, that my brain seemed like it simply could not come up with a new idea. Blog fatigue set in. Land of Nod

Our beloved Colleen, who managed our site with such grace and attentiveness, made some of my favorite project tutorials last year, including this faux leather bucket bag and these simple but impactful polymer clay rope baskets. And then she moved away to Portland, where she definitely belongs. She even got engaged! We miss her and feel the lack of her presence on Pretty Prudent, but we know she is making herself the wonderful life she deserves. Faux Leather Bucket Bag

2015 was a complicated year for me personally, and I think that was reflected here on Pretty Prudent. When my mother got sick and passed this summer, I lost my moorings for a while. That’s a whole other discussion about grief and loss, but what it meant for this site was more specific. I simply lost my desire to get up every day and make stuff. My creativity seemed to just up and disappear. I used to be one of the most productive and energetic people you would ever meet, but this year I just lost it. I just wanted to rest.

But as some time is passing, I feel that desire to “make” coming back. I have a long list of ideas and I’m slowly getting back into my office. I spent a good two weeks purging my workshop (in my converted garage) of broken craft punches and oblong fabric scraps, ending up with almost a dumpster full of things that needed to go. I refinished a dilapidated table with a high gloss shine and set up some chairs around it. Got myself a blue tooth speaker and downloaded some podcasts. Dusted off my embroidery and serging machines, and put every single sequin and sewing needle into labeled boxes on elfa shelves. My space is ready for me.

I am hoping to find my creativity again in 2016. I think part of that is just getting back into the zone where I am making things every day, even when the inspiration isn’t there. Just getting my mind back into a place where sewing and weaving and paper cutting bring me joy and a bit of meditation. I hope I can bring that back to the blog.

In the meantime, I plan on doing a lot more personal blogging here, like we used to do back in 2009 (before Pinterest! before Instagram!). This site and its readers have brought me such joy over the years, growing with my baby (now 7!) and with me. It’s time to get back to it with a full heart. 2015




It feels like a lifetime that I have followed this page. It’s been 6 years for me (my baby is now 6!!).
it will be great to see more blogging, and crafty stuff. I’ve missed it.
Hope 2016 is a positive year for you x


What a beautiful and honest review of 2015, Jaime. I’m inspired to make 2016 amazing with you! Love always, Jacinda


Jaime, Tempted to just post a bunch of hearts and rainbows to convey all the feelings this post inspired. Love you ladies and your writing and I look forward to see what you create and where you go this year. Happy New Year!


Thank you alice, and I love that you offer hearts and rainbows like Scarlet does. The heart of a little girl inside a grown woman!

Kat | The Mama Bears

Jaime, your words resonated so much with me. Thank you for your open heart and words. Dealing with the loss of a mother is something that I have personally had to work through and I know how hard it can be. I love that you are once again looking to create things that bring you joy and especially that you have this beautiful blog to share it with us! Wishing you a happy new year, and immensely happy to have found this blog! Thank you!


I’ve been reading and following you guys for a few years now without children of my own. I just love all your tutorials on sewing projects. I finally will be putting them all to good use on my first child who is due in August! Thank you for always being so open and honest on all things in your life. I’m terribly sorry to hear that you lost your mother. I hope that all your new found family can help you through this tough time. I can’t wait to see what new things you will be creating in your organized craft space.

Kathy @ Merriment Design

Happy new year, ladies! I can definitely relate with creative slumps in 2015 and I haven’t had half of the curveballs that you had to bear. Here’s to renewed spaces and fresh starts. You’re two of my very favorite creative people and I can’t wait to see what pretty things you guys make next.


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