Summer Jacinda and Watercolor Wednesday

IMG_3659cactus watercolorIMG_3633

IMG_3652Hello my precious’. As Jaime explained in her last post, we are in Summer mode y’all and here in Texas we are unapologetically living life just exactly how we want to do so, with a few reading charts mixed in. I’ve been calling myself Summer Jacinda and Summer Jacinda can’t be held to a daily blog post calendar. Summer Jacinda is playing lifeguard, playing tennis, coordinating playdates, playing dominos, doing a lot of Summer reading, doing a little Summer weeding, sipping some pink beverages, and occasionally tapping away at a keyboard with pink fingernails. Summer Jacinda is going wild people, but in the most chill way possible.


A few days ago Clare had her cousin/best friend/neighbor Manning over for a sleepover so we set up an impromptu watercolor painting session just as the afternoon glow hit the cacti in our front courtyard. You can see more of that space here. It’s definitely due for an update but there hand-painted stools are hanging strong. The girls love to paint and I love their artwork so much. Aren’t they both beautiful and so unique? I want to frame them… but framing seems like more of a Fall Jacinda project. Time will tell.

IMG_3649 IMG_3637

I hope that all of you are enjoying your Summer months. Making beautiful memories with friends and family and taking some time to refresh and relax, in whatever way means the most to you.





I L<3ve this post. And I am truly amazed at the watercolors by both little artists!!

Stephanie Cornais

Sweet big girls! Love that they want to watercolor on their sleepover.

Elastic man

Entertaining with colors is a smart way to do it instead of us being glued to smart devices all day. The creations awaken the great

gacha life

Excellent piece, and the insights you’ve shared are both fascinating and helpful to me. Your post has provided me with a wealth of information. I really hope that you will be publishing more fresh posts in the not too distant future!


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