Sweet on Paper: Paper Bias Tape Bags

Here is a quick way to make little paper bags for sweet treats! It uses the same technique as bias tape (with a little cheat) but made with paper. I used my new 11″x17″ All-In-One Printer from Brother. The same printer that we are giving away in our contest, to scan a beautiful vintage (and possibly hand-made?) doily from my mom and got to work!

Read on to learn how to make Paper Bias Tape Treat Bags.

1. Scan or photograph your background. You can use anything that creates an interesting texture… a pile of sequins, a photo of a patch of grass, pressed leaves… Here is the scan of my doily if you like it!

2. Print out your pattern with high-contrast on quality printer paper.

3. Trim off white border and cut sheet into 1″ strips.

3. Use a bone folder and ruler to run a crease down the center of each 1″ strip.

4. Fold along crease.

5. For the bag I used 8.5″x11″ sheets of Vellum cut in half the long way and then folded in half.

note: don’t use parchment paper, the double-sided tape won’t stick.

6. Take one of your patterned strips and run double-sided tape up one side. Attach to Vellum pocket.

7. Add tape to other side of paper strip and fold over to “seal” edge. Trim paper that hangs over edges.

8. Since you have folded paper at the bottom of your bag, you could just stop there and your bags would look like this…

version on right

9. But if you would like add trim to the bottom (and top, if you want to completely close them up) cut a length of trim to the width of the bag.

10. Fold in the corners of the trim.

11. Add double-sided tape to both sides of trim (folded to a right angle at the ends) and wrap around bottom edge of bag.

12. Add treats and you’re done! I think these would look really good with a scalloped or zig-zag along the open edge or punched with a fancy paper punch.

What do you think? What pattern would work for your next party? Leave us a comment and you could win 3 sets of Key Fob Hardware!




SO creative and TOTALLY adorable!! To me, the doily came out looking kind of like a spider web. These would be GREAT for Halloween treat bags!!


What a fabulous way to use up paper scraps from scrapbooking! I always have lots of skinny strips after putting borders on my pictures, and I always keep them, but had no idea what do with them until now. Thanks so much!!!


I agree-this is a great way to use of leftover scraps from papercrafting!!! Yet another repurpose and recycle win!


I am not much for crafting any more, but love the doily. May I please have the pattern?
Thank you!


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