We hope you all enjoy a magical and fulling Thanksgiving Day. We thought we’d share this fun family activity from Gina of The Daily B. She and her tots traced some leaves onto construction paper and cut them out.

Then they wrote things they were thankful for on them and piled them into a bowl.

During their meal, they will read from the bowl as a family. Lovely. Thanks Gina from The Daily B. And Thank You to all of our Prudent Mamas for the joy you share with us every day!




This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Prudent Baby! You have given me so much inspiration and, even more importantly, the confidence to go ahead and try those gorgeous projects.
Thank you Jaime and Jacinda for all that you do!


Love seeing those sweet lil baby finger and toes on Prudent Baby this morning. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! AnnaPK, thanks for the shout-out. We appreciate it so much! truly.


I really love the pictures you used for this. I always try to take neat pictures of my little boy playing with things (like you did at the top of this post) but they don't look as nice as this one does.


I love this idea! We are going to do this this year! I think my son and I will trace a bunch of leaves and then leave them blank for EVERYONE at our Thanksgiving dinner can write what they are thankful for also. We have a big family so we had better trace a bunch of leaves. Grateful!


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