Thanksgiving Nail Art Tutorial

Ally from Nail in the Coffee is back today with a perfectly festive holiday nail tutorial, just in time for Thanksgiving. Learn how to make these adorable Abstract Pilgrim Buckle Nails with her simple tutorial. I’m dying to try out her Watercolor Nails next, and her 24 Karat Gold Manicure for Christmas. Her gradient nails are pretty darn cute too.

If you’ve missed Ally’s Pretty Prudent nail tutorials, check out her Spring into Summer nails, Nautical Nails, Firework Fingertip Nails, and Candy Corn Nail Tutorial (which you could change up with different colors).

Check out the tutorial for her Thanksgiving nails after the jump…

It’s almost here – my favorite holiday, and I’m so looking forward to it! Spending a day with people I love, cooking, laughing and eating food made with the utmost care – it’s just such a special day.

I’ve decided to do an understated nail art for this tutorial, instead of something more obvious, and I’ll tell you why: First, we did a silly cute tutorial for Halloween, so it’s time to grow back up with something a bit more mature.

Second, it’s finally cold out, which means it’s officially appropriate to wear super dark nail polish – my fav! So I busted out this luscious glossy black and paired it with a delicate gold to make an abstract interpretation of Pilgrim buckles on every finger.

Step 1. Paint your nails a rich, shiny black.

Step 2. Using a small art brush – yes this is the only hard step – free hand a rectangle in the middle of your finger using the gold. I started with the two parallel vertical lines and then connected them, horizontally.

Step 3. I chose to switch between wide and tall rectangles every other finger, to pull this look away from being too obvious or repetitive. For the thumb I chose a square and added a dot in the middle (silly me, I forgot to take an individual shot of it, but you can see it peeking out behind the persimmon above!).

The colors, combined with the graphic boxes switching widths create a manicure that feels new, elegant and festive with so little to it – minimalist nail art! In a time where ornate overloaded nails are flooding the scene, this feels refreshing, and it surprised me with how much I really liked them. This is the classiest pilgrim buckles have ever been, don’t you think?

Here are the colors I used:

Try out this simple freehand nail art – trust me – it’s addictingly gorgeous on! I hope you have the most delicious, cozy, laughter-filled Thanksgiving.

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