The Crafter’s Wish List, Part 1

Wondering what to get for someone crafty this holiday?  Or what to ask for?  Why, let me help you.  We get asked a lot what kind of equipment we use, so I’ll share my picks and Jacinda will share hers soon as well…

1.  A sewing machine.  When you trade in the borrowed/hand me down for a new machine you will discover that most of your sewing issues were the machine, not you! (note: if sewing in a straight line is an issue for you this tip  totally works).  I adore my Brother Innovis 40 sewing machine and highly recommend it (thanks mom!), but it’s more expensive and only available at dealers, this one will do the job for the average sewer and if you learn to love sewing, it has enough features to stick with you twenty years.

2.  A jigsaw.  Don’t be afraid of it.  It’s inexpensive and easy to use; it allows you to cut wood into any shape you need. A world of possibilities will explode inside your brain!

Black & Decker JS515 4.5 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw

3.  Craft, Inc. or the Craft Inc. Business Planner. A great book for anyone who wants to try to earn money from their passion for crafting.
4. A serger.  If you’re ready to take the next step, want to make garments with finished seams, or sew with jersey, it’s time for a serger!  Unless you are planning on becoming a professional you don’t need a really fancy one,  I have this one and it is really wonderful for under $200.
5.  A powershot staple gun.  A staple gun is an invaluable tool for everything from upholstery to flower arranging.  This one is special because the action is reversed, you push into the staple so you get polished results without sore arms.
6. A Home Letterpress Kit.  This is a new product that allows you to create letterpress cards at home.  Imagine the cute gift tags and cupcake toppers…I WANT ONE!
7. A digital SLR.  If you have a kid every minute you don’t have one is a wasted opportunity for recording his or her tiny amazingness!  It’s a big investment, but if you are a crafter it also pays off in great images of your stuff, and if you sell your crafts, you NEED one – sales will take off with images like these.  I chose this particular camera because it also takes HD video (and I paid a lot more for it then it’s selling for here!).
8. Pinking Shears They keep fabric from fraying and will save you the time of sewing finished edges on tons of projects:
9.  Some cute fabrics and trims!
Fat Quarter Bundles so you have a selection of craft-size fabric at the ready when inspiration hits (hello, who wouldn’t want a bundle of Paula Prass as a gift???):
An apothecary jar to store them in:
Some pom pom trim!  We all know how much I love pom poms.  Spread the joy!
10.  And finally, this stocking stuffer would be adored by all crafters everywhere (hint hint)!  A Pom Pom Maker!!!
Clover Large Pom Pom Maker
image courtesy of Yes, Please




Love these lists! Great to see what I also couldn't live without & hear if others really enjoy having what I've got my eye on.


Totally fun list! I received an early Xmas present this year already –> #1 and #9 and I cannot wait to start using it…


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