The Oil Cloth Clubhouse

The what what? Yes, the oil cloth clubhouse. I had a bolt of unused oil cloth, Niko had a playground, and Niko’s mom had a staple gun.

After telling her I would make this thing for going on two months, I returned from a weekend away to find she had gone at it herself. How cute is this?

Check out the details and I’ll tell you how she did it after the jump. What do you think, might you do something like this?

So the oilcloth clubhouse is the simplest thing ever. If you have a playground with a slide like this, you probably have unused space under the slide. We simply measured (kinda) around the “walls” and cut pieces of oilcloth, then used a staple gun to attach the walls. I tried a bunch of methods, including grommets, eye hooks, etc. but the staple gun was the best, as well as the easiest.

On the front Niko’s mom created a “window” by doing a strip across the top, and one across the bottom.

On one side we created a “door” by hanging three panels of oil cloth just from the top, so the girl’s could sweep them aside to enter and exit.

(Little bro wants in on the action, but the rule is “no boys allowed.”)

My favorite little touch was how she added a bed of flowers and edging to the front!

Then we used some oil cloth scraps to make a “picnic blanket” and “placemats” for pretend parties.

Maybe it’s slightly ghetto, but the girls LOVE it. What do you think, might you try something like this?



Beth @ Sand To Pearl

That's really awesome. If we had a yard to have a playground, I would start on it this afternoon for some MUCH needed outdoor time. (It's been rainy and cold here the past few weeks.)


Love it! My kids play "server" like a restarant in ours. This has me thinking of how I can do something creative with mine! Drive thru anyone? πŸ˜‰


So cute!! We have a very similar playground and I redid the canopy on the top with a pretty outdoor fabric (going to post about it tomorrow actually)… I could get some to match and do the playhouse.. love the idea!

Leigh Anne

Love it!! I actually have a similar playset w/ the slide & space underneath. Just wondering how it would hold up in the West Texas wind??


I like it, but oilcloth is so dang expensive! At least it is here. I was searching the web trying to find it cheaper than 20 bucks a yard:)

Cute playhouse though!


@ESax-if you don't luck out on a great deal or coupon, try the dollar tree or something similar for the vinyl table clothes! long rectangular ones will work good! or outdoor fabric from joann's/hobby lobby with a coupon!


Very cute! I come from the ghetto (Hartford, CT) and recently moved to the country (Maine). I don't think I ever saw anything so lovely in the 'hood. πŸ™‚


Some of the most simple and best imagination inspiring toys are the ghetto ones. I think it looks beautiful and yay for you all for using your noodles instead of just buying a plastic playhouse! πŸ™‚ Bravo!


I LOVE this and my parent's have the same swing set at their home. I can totally see my sweet little girl having a great time playing with all of her cousins! Looks like I will have a new summer project.

Carla G

Great idea!! I've been wondering how to make a house on my playset that is similar to yours. I'll have to look for some fabric… πŸ™‚


If we had a playset like that, I would totally do this!!! Will have to modify what we have and do this!!!


i am definitely going to be trying this!!! we're about to move into a house that has a playset like this in the backyard and i am soooooo excited that you posted this! i will send you a pic when i get it done! thank you!!!


I love it!! We are getting a playhouse in the next two weeks and it looks just like yours. I will be trying this out on our playset!

Alison White

this is my project for the summer, get rid of the broken plastic playhouse and out this up in it’s place… how has the oil cloth stood up to the summer sun?


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