The Sleeping Beauty Party: Pinky’s Revenge

We are going through pink detox here at the Boneau house. We had Clare’s VERY PINK and VERY FUN 4th birthday party this past weekend. She told us she wanted a Sleeping Beauty party so we mixed up a little “princess” with a bit “sleepover” and a bit “Beauty parlor.”

Click through for all of the details and plenty of eye candy.

Pink plastic goblets and plenty of Pink Lemonade.

A bed with a helium balloon “headboard” in the middle of the floor for lounging and girlie giggles. Everyone dressed in their jammies and brought their favorite lovie. Can you spot Max the Owl? How about the Sock Croc from The Nesting Spot? And how about MY favorite lovie Gordon Patrick?

Some supermarket hydrangeas.
20 (20!!!!!) handmade pom-pom pillows with pockets stuffed with beauty supplies and these crazy/awesome finger flashlights. Thanks for the help mom!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Hair and Makeup by Clare’s favorite babysitter! And a lux voile nightgown by Clare’s Mama!

Yummy finger food for the moms from my vintage Martha.

And our friend Rebecca.
Morning of party Clare says… I thought this was a Sleeping Beauty party. Where’s Sleeping Beauty? Embroidery machine to the rescue with built in Disney designs. Clare LOVES this sign.

Glow rings enjoyed by the girls and Hot Mess Mommies alike! These are always a party hit.

Tiara decorating. I thought about making felt tiaras but then I saw these for like $.75 each and gave myself a little break. Everyone loved them!

What’s better than all these girls in their cutest jammies?

Them going home before bedtime.

And last but not least, THE TREATS!

A chocolate chocolate chip Bundt cake and ombre cupcakes with sugar cookie toppers!

It felt so good to give Pinky a fabulously pink party. She was in heaven! Let me know what projects you want to know more about, it could win you a yard of fabric!




What kind of goodies did you put in the pom pom bags? Also, how do you make ombre cupcakes?? They look delish!

The Queen

The food looks amazing and it is 6am here. I will have to duplicate that! Got lots of great ideas (and since I have three girls I'm sure I'll be using them at some point!). Thanks for sharing.

Jen @ My Own Road

Wow, I bow down to your awesome party skills. I don't know how you got all of that done while maintaining your sanity, I will be taking notes ๐Ÿ™‚


How? I mean, seriously, just, how? You have 3 kids, right? And a website to run? And . . . how? Also – what's your budget for these parties?

Tina T

How did you make Ombre cupcakes ? Im so impressed, Ive been craving ombre ANYTHING lately! But Im planning my sons first birthday party, I think a blue version would be so coooooool!!!!!


Adorable! I (still) love pink lol. How did you get your cupcake icing to be tinted like that? Was it airbrushed? Also – where's Mermaid? Has Clare moved on to a new lovie?


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Ahhh you make me feel good! Tutes on all the diy to come in the next week. Love that you noticed mermaid was missing. She was left tucked in clare's bed. Pinky doesn't share when it comes to mermaid. Also, pinky is kind of growing on me as a nickname.


What a wonderful pink Sleeping Beauty party! Looks like all the little girls had such a great time. I would love to see and hear more about the adorable Pocket Pillows. What a fabulous idea! I love that you made pillows going along with the Sleeping Beauty theme. Adding pockets to them so that they could also be used to hold the party favors was brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing.


I love all this pink goodness!! So – you brought a bed into the middle of the living room? I'd love to know more about this…


Would love to know about the nightgown, and to see a photo of the pompom pillows with the treats that were inside them.


Love the painting on the glass jars! What did you use? I also liked the pillows and sugar cookie decor…I make the cookie monster look like a healthy eater compared to my massive sweet tooth cravings for sugar cookies! And no I'm not pregnant.


That dress, that face, that pinky-pinkness! I want to know more about it all! Gorgeous, I don't think I could pull it off but I am taking notes… my daughter's birthday is in August (imitation being the best flattery and all).


I've got to be honest this makes me both want and never want to have a girl at the same time. While I love the girly pink-ness, I just can't imagine myself ever pulling this kind of thing off!
Those cupcakes sure do look yummy!


Ombre cupcakes, please! And pom pom pillows!

No wait, what I really want to know is how you pulled this all off while parenting your kiddos, planning it, doing it for 10! plus moms, and diy-ing it! How do you manage to juggle all of those things, really? Seriously, any party planning tips for us mere mortals?


The pink bed is really a cool idea! Loved the colours and mood. Share on the pretty nightgown please!!!
I'll try some of your idea for my girl's birthday : )

Eunice from


OH MY!!! How on EARTH do you plan such parties?! That's what I'd like to know? And really about the ombre cupcakes? What are those? They look delish!


I'm not a Mama (yet!), but I would love to make those nighties for my friends' little girls. So adorable! And looks like they can grow into them too. Might need to make one for myself too!:)


I would love to see a nightie pattern tutorial sometime soon! How adorable. I love all the pink touches for your "sleeping" + "beauty" party. So cute.

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

I want to know about that nightie, it is sooo cute and I just hate storebought jammies! They're so pricey, and they just get eaten up in the wash, and they're generally not even very cute! I mean come on, here you have an excuse to go ridiculously frou frou adorable because there's basically no rough play in jammies and minimal staining opportunities… and the best thing I can find for price/quality is shorts and a tshirt at Costco? BOOOOOO!

Emily Williams

Speaking as someone who was actually AT this fabulous pink party (and the only other mom, besides Jacinda, to come wearing PJ's), it was all even more fabulous in person!

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