Three 5-Minute Holiday Crowns

The other day I was trying to come up with a last-minute holiday crown I could wear to a party. It needed to be inexpensive and literally take five minutes to make – and thus these Three 5-Minute Holiday Crowns were born. One is made with glitter gold leaf branches, the other is made from holly wire garland, and the final one is made with pipe cleaners.

Here’s a glimpse of each starting with the gold leaf crown…

the holly crown,

and the pipe cleaner crown (I think I’ll probably call it the princess crown or something sweeter).

Find out how to make these Three 5-Minute Holiday Crown DIYs after the jump…

Gold Leaf Crown

Start by gathering gold leaves from your local craft store. You could also take fake leaves and paint them with gold glitter or Mod Podge them and then coat in glitter like we did with our glitter bow necklace.

Next, pick out a few branches and take off any extra leaves that add too much bulk.

Hot glue the end pieces together and wrap with ribbon to secure.

Attach the front ends together with a tiny dab of glue. Small enough so you don’t see it. That’s it! Wear it proudly.

Holly Crown

This is by far the easiest crown to make. Head over to a local craft store and hunt down some wire garland you would use for making a wreath or decorating the mantel.

Measure it to the size of your head and wrap it around, bending the wire so that it holds it shape. Done!

Pipe Cleaner Crown (aka Princess Crown)

Start by gathering your pipe cleaners and ribbon. I think silver pipe cleaners could look really beautiful too.

Measure your head and bend the pipe cleaners into a crown shape.

Knot your ribbon at the end and start wrapping around.

Make sure to wrap all the way around and secure the ribbon at the end.

Cut several pieces of ribbon and attach them to the back of the crown where your original knot was. You can cut the ribbon to different lengths or keep them all the same length. Have fun by adding colors or strips of fabric.

There you go, Three 5-Minute Holiday Crowns for you to wear to holiday parties.



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