We’re mixing things up this week because Friday is a VERY SPECIAL DAY, so this week we’re giving away our prize for best comment a day early. Our winner receives this train-errific fat quarter from our lovely sponsor Fabricworm.

And the winner is…Margaret C from Thread, Ink and Me who said:

No it’s not sexist – DD LOVES trains too, and regularly chuffs her way around!! You should check out episodes of “Chuggington” on the BBC IPlayer – they have a girl train, and a proper one, not like the subserviant ones on Thomas the Tank Engine.

It’s good to know this fabric will be loved and also I love the concept of subservient trains. Margaret, use our Contact Form to send us your address and we’ll ship your prize off! Winners have five days to contact us before forfeiting their prize to another lucky reader.

Now guess what?! Remember when I confessed that I am a glue junkie? And I said “if you work for Aleene’s feel free to send me a giant box of glue”? Well, they did! And now I’m sharing it with you. So leave a comment on any post between now and next Friday, when we’ll pick our fave and announce it right here. If it’s you, I’ll be sending your way this awesome Aleene’s Tacky Pack with FIVE glue-tastic bottles of sticky joy!

XOXO. See you TOMORROW for the BIG DAY!

and P.S. if you work for Marc Jacobs feel free to send me a big box of purses. Thx.



Jennifer Marie Land

tacky glue…while I've never heard of it I'm wondering if its called tacky glue because they know that it's pretty tacky to try and glue your 3 year old's $1 foam sword from Target together with modelling airplane glue. Well I bet some Aleena's would have worked a heck of a lot better.


Ooohh…I LOVE glue!

Also, I whipped up a batch of your Rich Jam muffins and Apple Cream Cheese Muffins today for our vacation this weekend and linked the recipes from my blog. Thanks for making me look like a baking rock star to my family!

I may or may not have tried one (two?) of the muffins…over the sink…while my daughter was napping…maybe.

Miss Jillian

Ooooh, I love glue too. And Aleene's is particularly awesome. I used to use Aleene's memory glue to make my cards, but the craft stores don't seem to sell it anymore. Nothing else compares to that stuff though. At least nothing I've tried. I will continue my hunt though…or take it online and track down the memory glue! This is a wonderful giveaway for anyone that loves crafting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jenn Doll

GLue! Love it! Between the hubby and the son… I always need it for something! It would be wonderful to try out the different kinds! I have one Aleene's!



I love Aleene's glue as well. I almost bought this sample pack from Michael's last month. I use the original tacky glue for general purpose and stop fraying for my crochet work. I would add Fabric-Tac to the adhesive list.


I also love this glue! I use it all the time! I especially used it on my daughters costumes for Halloween. Jessie the cow girl from Toy Story (The detail on the shirt) and Cinderella (sparkles on the sleeves)! Glue always comes in handy!


oh, sticky joy… you made me smile. Can you believe? i've got a shelf full of glue? and can never finf the right one for the project. then i rush my husband to the store and he says – glue? again? (and then he comes and steals my glue for his project, but, no, he never remembers that). From that pack i've only tried fast grab one, the white stuff, loved it, but already out of it. would love to try more. i really need the clear gel one.

Amy @

Oh my gosh, i am so in need of glue. I have been taping things everywhere because i i keep forgetting to pick some up… i also have a stack of projects to finish that i need glue for… so sad.


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