Tinsel Ornament DIY: The Easiest Ornament You’ll Ever Make

tinsel ornament diy

Here’s a super simple and fun tinsel ornament DIY that is perfect for this year – all sparkle, shine, and gold! I made this in a slight different way, with a vertical column of tinsel inside the glass ball for a more modern look.

diy tinsel ornaments

All you need is glass ornaments, tinsel, pipe cleaner, and hot glue, all of which I snagged at Michaels,

when I was working on our Winter Woodland tree for the 2013 Dream Tree Challenge.

Find out how to make my simple tinsel ornaments after the jump…

Gather your supplies: Tinsel, empty clear glass ornaments, and pipe cleaner. You will also need some hot glue.
tinsel ornament supplies

Cut a length of tinsel a bit shorter than the length of your ornament. Grab a pipe cleaner and twist it with the tinsel. This will help you control your tinsel, so it stays in a straight line and doesnt get lost (dropped) into your ornament.

Insert your pipe cleaner, tinsel side first, into your ornament.

See the tinsel pushed up around the top edge? Gently push it into the ornament or trim it.

This can get messy. If you put your wine in a mason jar you’ll feel better about yourself 😉
Now g

Now just use a dab of hot glue to secure the pipe cleaner to the edge of the ornament, making sure it is sticking straight down. Cut off the remaining pipe cleaner.

o ahead and re-insert the tops of your ornaments.

Done! Time to hang on your tree, or maybe onto a pretty tinsel garland?
tinsel ornaments

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mini piñata tissue paper ornament

Go get your ornament on!




Wow, those holiday ornaments are just gorgeous. I am sure that each one of them would look fabulous on every Christmas tree. You actually gave me really good idea to cheer my kids up. Thanks a lot and Happy Holidays!

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What a clever idea! I love how easy it dresses up a plain ornament. Going to check out some of your other ornament ideas!


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