Un-Romantic Valentines Day is Back!

Throw your guy an Un-Romantic Valentines Day and fall in love all over again!

We told you about our tradition of Un-Romantic Valentines Day last year here: Un-Romantic Valentines Day, and y’all seemed to like the idea. The re-cap: My hubs and I started this tradition eight years ago, after he made it clear he thought it was a little unfair that men are expected to wow us ladies on Valentines Day AND anniversaries, while we all just sit back and wait to be showered with romance of a sort men don’t usually enjoy that much. I thought that was pretty reasonable, so we made a deal: On our anniversary he would plan something special for the two of us, and in exchange I would take on Valentines Day and plan something HE would think was fun. Turns out, Valentines Day is his favorite holiday!

The whole point of the day is to plan something you would not ordinarily want to do, something ridiculously manly and out of your comfort zone. Then smile the whole time and act like you love it. And buy him a treat you don’t approve of, like beef jerky sticks or an axe, but more on that in another post.

Do you think this is something you would do? Do you have any ideas to suggest for Un-Romantic Valentines Day dates? Share in the comments.




I guess I have kind of an un-romantic Valentine's idea. Waaay back (before we had kids), my husband and I used to always throw a Valentine's dinner/party. The idea was that we'd invite all of our friends over for a nice meal and a fun evening out, and no one had to worry about reservations at a restaurant or a crowded movie theater or spending huge amounts of money. Who knows – maybe I'll get it together and do another Valentine's party this year. –Anne


I saw a commercial the other day that said men should go get a testicular exam for Valentine's Day. Sounds plenty un-romantic to me!


We use valentines day as a reminder to put new windshield wipers on the car πŸ™‚ My husband and I usually skip valentines and birthdays, and opt to surprise one another on a few random days throughout the year. And random sweetness that is unexpected is really fun πŸ™‚

Jenn Van Wyk

This is a great idea! There is a local brewery in town that my hubby has been dying to check out that might just be a perfect spot (considering I will be 7 months pregnant on Valentine's Day!) Thanks for the idea!


We love this idea (of course it forces hubby to think of something romantic to do for our anniversary!) but we are starting next year as I am a bit full of morning sickness for this one!
Also sad that there isn't a bacon of the month club in nz! Hubby would love that!


I love this idea! I think I'll have to plan my husband's favorite day for Valentine's this year. Beer, nachos, and billiards at his favorite bar, then late night breakfast at the diner and finally home to . . . . πŸ˜‰


I love this idea..we already planned our un-romantic valentine's, but around me. It's the first day of the Jeopardy challenge with the IBM "Wilson" computer. All I asked for was to cook a later dinner so that I can watch Jeopardy without any interruptions. I know…totally dorky but it's my favorite show.


Im so excited because this is the first year we will be doing this! Im thinking maybe watching the A-Team with a pile of donuts and a carton of milk with no glasses? Hmmm…good thing I have a couple more weeks to think this one over.

carly smith

i think this is a fantastic idea! and i also love the commercial jamie was talking about. hubby and i were speechless when we saw that one! πŸ™‚
i've been thinking about reserving tennis courts somewhere and playing tennis together (haven't done in a LONG time since i was preggo last summer!) or taking him to the batting cages. something athletic, and then probably bbq for dinner. man, i'm inspired! πŸ™‚


My hubby and I actually do this! Two years ago it was taking a pen turning class at our local woodworking store. This year we are going to see the Princess Bride (the theater is doing a fun quote-a-long and giving us all inflatable swords and other fun stuff). It's encouraged to be loud and obnoxious! One year we actually went bowling too. Hubby hated it, he didn't think he was going to suck quite that badly and I mopped the floor with him. His fault, he knew the only college scholarship money that I had was from bowling tournaments!


Definitely not "un-romantic" but a fun idea from a friend.
Get the babysitter to stay until 2am.
Get a nice hotel room near restaurant and entertainment. Leave house for early dinner with drinks, enjoy a bit of entertainment, go to hotel for a bit of "fun" (for new parents this might just mean napping alone). Snuggle, snooze wake up and check out at 2 o r 3am.


I LOVE this!! We already have tickets to a play for the 13th (which is uber-romantic and very sacrificial of him), but I'm thinking that the 14th will be his Un-Romantic Valentine's day. I'm not even gonna tell him. It'll be a great surprise. This is perfect!


I did this one year, I surprised him a day early with chuck-arama plans (his all time fave restaurant and indoor surfing at flowrider) it turned out to be one of our all time favorite dates)


Just found this blog through Twitter and I LOVE this idea! Admittedly my husband and I are not fans of Valentine's Day, but I think this might just become something we can incorporate into our lives. πŸ™‚

American Mama

Since our first Valentine's Day together as a dating couple, my hubby and I have always ordered our favorite meals from our favorite Italian restaurant as take out, bought a bottle of champagne, and rented a comedy to take back to our house for a quiet Valentine's dinner together (especially appreciated after we had our two munchkins!) BUT! I love love LOVE this idea of an Un-Romantic Valentines Day! I think I'll call and arrange for us to play 18 holes of GOLF (YUCK!) together.. and yes, I'll even act like I'm having fun!!!

Blake and Erica

Such a AWESOME IDEA!!! My husband is a SPORTS man all the way….I am thinking batting cages and dinner at a HOOTERS???? (watching only the sports on tv and none of the other distractions) πŸ™‚


Last year, we spent the weekend at my parents' house! After the kids were in bed and we sat down to great food and wine without paying through the Valentine's nose, we all congratulated ourselves on avoiding the V-Day madness! Maybe not particularly macho, but some guys would definitely count a weekend at the in-laws' as unromantic. πŸ™‚

The Bagley Family

We are DANCING BABY! YA!!! Well to Wii Just Dance;) If you have not tried it with your significant other, you need to seriously try this game out! Hubby and I love it so much that we bought Just Dance 2…there is nothing funnier then watching him 'cut a rug' dancing to MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This'…and yes he is super competitive so he gives it his ALL! We have so much fun and so V-day will be spent in our living room, working up a sweat, determining who is the Dancing Queen/King!


wow–i'm definitely feeling a little convicted here–how many times have i gotten after my husband for not being romantic and expecting him to plan special dates? i'm so excited to plan a surprise for him this time! i'm thinking the batting cages too–he hasn't been in a very long time and we've never been together. i'll have to think of someplace clever for dinner–although i don't think it'll be hooters! thanks for sharing this!


I totally want to do this. Hilariously more for me than maybe for him. But he'll like it, too. We often dork out about similar kinds of things so I'm planning on taking the husband to a former nuclear missile silo for a guided tour where you get to crawl around in all kinds of crazy places. I know…I'm a softie.

momentary lapse

For some reason I came up with not celebrating Valentine's Day and I think my man is a little disappointed. I guess I'm the lucky one, huh?
I might just play a round of terribly manly video games with him just to show him how much I care.

my mind's eye

this is genius! I would totally do this… I feel like a brewery is in order, and maybe a manly movie I refuse to watch. I think he's already got something planned for dinner, I might surprise him with an afternoon adventure!
You are such a smarty! πŸ™‚


I once gave my husband a variety of 'manly' valentine's day cards, with pictures from his favorite video games, computer games, and shows on the front of each one. There was an Oblivion card and a Halo card, but his favorite was one with a picture of Jean-Luc Picard with the caption 'Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Starfleet'.

This year I'm thinking of taking him go-cart racing.


What a great idea! I think I'll make my husband's favorite meal…burgers…then on to the shooting range. He will be so happy!


since my valentine is lately getting heavily into brewing beer, i think i'll book a tour to a local brewery! i'll be the designated driver!! thanks for reminding me of this great idea to do for valentine's day.

i'm zandri

Oh wow! Fantastic! I love it. My husband used to be a helicopter pilot before he lost his hand. Now he's a helicopter engineer, but still loves & misses flying. So it'll have to be a day taking him helicopter flying, maybe even trying some for some piloting for him. Thanks for the inspiration!


It may be too late for entry but I still had to share this. A few years ago I was an exhausted mother of a 7 month old who hadn't been on any kind of date with my husband since her birth. So for valentines day, which fell on a friday that year, we both made sure we were off work early, got his dad to watch the baby and headed to dinner and a movie. Well everyone in town had the same idea because there was a 3 hour wait for dinner. That would mean no movie and possibly not even dinner. So my eyes drifted across the parking lot to the nearly empty parking lot of Hooters. I said "hey lets go there" my husband didn't hesitate to change plans. "I can have crab legs and chocolate cake and we can still go to a movie" I said. All the waitresses were floored that it was my idea to go there and a got a few "you are the coolest wife EVER" comments. So now its our tradition …Hooters and a movie! (And who can say no to crab legs and did I mention there will be CHOCOLATE CAKE?!?!?) πŸ™‚


Thanks so much for sharing your awesome idea! Because of your suggestion, a friend and I got together and plan a fun date for our husbands (because what's more un-romantic than a double date?!?). We went to an indoor rock climbing gym and then we went to a Mongolian Grill for dinner. The guys loved it! I think we won't be waiting until next year to plan this kind of date again, it was so fun! Thanks again!


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