Vintage Books, Pretty Necklaces, and Dumb Friends: It’s Friday I’m in Love

Favorite comment on Prudent Baby: Rebekah left a comment on our Beautiful Dress Up Wings tutorial, with a link to this picture of the set she made using our instructions. OMG, have you ever seen such a cutie? Everyone go give your child wings: How to Make Beautiful Dress Up Wings.

Awesomest day of the week: Wednesday! Why? Because it was Jacinda’s birthday. Jacinda, to make up for my dumbness in forgetting and texting you inane work questions instead of sending you champagne and babysitters, I give you this lobster cake (via Cake Opera Co.). If I had your skills I would make a cake lobster-thought-bubble that says “I’m sorry.”

Random blog we are crushing on: I came across this blog through my literary agent’s pinterest, and I just fell in love with it. Vintage Childrens’ Books My Kid Loves is exactly what it sounds like, a treasure trove of beautifully illustrated reading material that will take you and your kid back in time.

Our pin you loved the most: This week the honor goes to the Summertime Jumper Tute we posted on Monday.

Funny thing my kid said: She didn’t say anything funny, cause she’s all sick and snuggly right now. We are on appendicitis watch, send us good vibes.

New fabric on my wish list: I LOVE this Alexander Henry Folklorico – in both colorways. Go check it out, I think you’ll adore it. I did just get my latest fabricworm stash, with many yards of Dear Stella Maasai Mara in Nairobi Cream (not sold out yet! snag!).

Place I wish we were headed this weekend: To Chicago, to see my friend Sonya and go to her salon and have her work her magic on my hair. Dude, I love highlights but they are kind of a pain when your stylist lives 4,000 miles away. I’d stay at Longman and Eagle and I’d definitely eat twelve entire pizzas.

This thing I acquired and utterly adore: Oh, just THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Pray tell mamas, what were the highlights of your week?




Highlights of the week? I got to watch my boys and husband make me a wicked good chocolate cake for my birthday, and then they sent me out for a massage while they decorated it! Best. Birthday. Ever.

Heather W

When I was dumping packing peanuts into a box I was shipping and a marker fell out of the bag into the box; my toddler laughed and said “funny!” Then he continued to laugh.


HA! I accept your virtual lobster cake apology. That thing is amazing!


sewing up my first ever swimsuit and not messing it up! it’s pink & black zebra AND has a ruffled bum – can’t wait to share it on my blog! and sew some more knits…


Finding a vintage pull down map for $5, hearing my sweet baby boy repeat his new phrase over and over “ooooooo,cool!” And happy time in front of my sewing machine.

Cristin Vosburgh

My mom telling me what my boy (age 3) prayed the other night (he stays w/ his nani and papa every Friday night!)

Cute from JP (Via my mom):
JP – “And God bless Mommy and Daddy and Helen (sissy), and Cristin (me, mommy!) and babe.”
My mom – giggles “who’s babe?”
JP – my Daddy, what’s his name again?
My mom – “Matt”
JP – “and God bless Mommy and Daddy and Helen, and Cristin and babe and Matt….”
omgsh i just adore him!

Also temporarily giving his cars to his sissy (20 months) because we thought she broke her arm…he gave her kisses and was so gentle with her. Such a good big brother. 🙂

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