Vintage Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorial

While getting lost in the sea of Pinterest boards I found these beautiful pillowcase nightgowns on iCandy Handmade. I knew I just had to get my hands on this tutorial, which led me to Gingercake. You may remember before the genius Pajama Pillow Virgina, from Gingercake, shared with us earlier this year. Since I was loving these pillowcase nightgowns so much I just had to see if she would share them. She happily agreed and here she is today with this adorable tutorial…

Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorial

We spend many summer time mornings staying in our PJs until lunch. I decided to make some pretty nightgowns so the girls would at least look nice and sweet on these lazy days. I have been shopping lots of thrift stores lately found such pretty vintage sheets and pillowcases. I listed a bunch in my other etsy shop gingercake. Here are the night gowns I made from some of the ones I kept.

that one was from a sheet. So pretty and delicate! I used up most of that on trials until I finally made this one. Here is from a pillowcase…

I love this print and this poly blend is SO soft. Not as easy to work with since the cotton count is less but still fine. I HATE doing the rolled hem on little girl sleeves and necklines so here I made a cap sleeve and used some lace hem binding as the neck. Pretty! I did a button on the back seen here…

These were pretty easy and here is a quick tutorial for you to make one for your girls. This is for a size 4T. It wouldn’t be hard to make adjustments for a bigger or littler girl but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself! HAHA! Also, this is a quick tutorial that i made assuming that you already know some basic sewing techniques ( like ruffles and attaching skirts to tops, etc.) and most is done with pictures. In my etsy shop patterns things are WAY more detailed but that would have taken me forever so here is the bare bones free tutorial!

Download Nightgownpdf

Aren’t they the cutest nightgowns you have ever seen? Vintage pillowcases are only a click away at the Gingercake etsy store and make sure to stop by the Gingercake blog for more tutorials. The Play Mat Messenger Bag is looking like a great 2 in 1 Christmas gift.




Ooh, I'm hoping I can make one that is big enough for my daughter! I bought a few pillowcases at the thrift store and I would LOVE to make them into nightgowns!


I had those sheets that were in the first pic when I was a child…those were the best sheets! I loved them!


My daughter came over to me while I was reading this post and asked if she could sleep in her princess dress. Then she saw these nightgowns and now she wants me to make her one. I just might have to – I have 2 pillowcases that I stole from my mom's closet way back when :).


Love it! Made one out of an old valentines pillowcase I got for 50 cents at a thrift store. My granddaughter (3) loves it. I finished it, tried it on her and now she will not take it off.

Christy Ireland

For some reason I can’t get the download to work. I pinned this a while back and I was going to give making some of these a try today.
Is there any way you can help me figure out how to get the download to work?


I love this. One question – does the pattern include seam allowance? If so how much?


I saw a pin of the pillowcase dress (the one made from a pillowcase)in this post and had to follow the link to comment. I just made a pillowcase nightgown (much simpler version) from a pillowcase that belonged to my grandmother. The print is identical. And I love how light the fabric is for hot humid nights.


I clicked on this tutorial because I have this really lovely vintage pillow case that belonged to my grandma and I’d love to turn it into a dress for my daughter. Imagine my shock, though, when I clicked on the link and found that we have the same exact pillow case!!! I’m going to try to find out how to attach a picture of it. I’m still surprised.


Hi. is the seam allowace added? and what size seam are you sewing? For pillowcase dress.

Deborah Johnson

This site was very inspiring for me, I realize I can stretch out into other areas, I love sewing


I want to make the pillow, I have the three pieces of fabric cut and ready to sew but…..I cannot tell…are the raw edges to be pinned and sewn together or is the FOLDED edge pinned to the RAW edge of the border….I cannot tell from your website or from the video. thanks!


Hi! Are you trying to make the nightgown in this post? There isn’t a video so I’m confused. This was a guest post so it’s harder for me to answer questions but I’m happy to try! Jacinda


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