Welcome to the New Pretty Prudent!

Pretty Prudent TassleHello friends!!! You may have noticed some changes around here today. You are not losing your mind! It’s true, this is a whole new online Pretty Prudent world. We hope you like it, and that getting used to it doesn’t throw you off too much – it should be a LOT easier to navigate, especially if you read our site on mobile or tablet. Last night we launched our new responsive-design site – try it out on your phone, your tablet, and your desktop or laptop computer. It knows what technology you are using to read us on, and it makes the site efficient and easy for you to use, no matter what platform you choose!

Jacinda and I have been working on building this site for you for over a year. What a year… finishing our book, Pretty Prudent Home: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Beautiful Family Home (which features more than 50 all new projects you can’t find on our site, plus a useful and fun guide to planning how to decorate and entertain for your friends, family, and home), and spending countless hours fine-tuning this new website to be what (we hope) is the most efficient and effective platform for you to use our tutorials and make the best things you can possibly make! We have noticed a significant trend over the past five years: We see our readers (you guys) moving from using our site primarily on your computer (when we launched, 100% of you read our site on your PC), to accessing our tutorials most often on your phone or tablet (now, 60% of you use your phone or tablet while you follow our instruction). So, realizing your needs have changed, we wanted to make a site that was easier for you to use while you cook or craft (or lie in bed).

Pretty Prudent 2So if you are following steps while sitting at your sewing machine or adding ingredients while standing in your kitchen, you can see the information you need from us in a clearer, simpler, easier-to-use format: basically we envisioned a site where you don’t have to stretch two fingers diagonally just to read the steps, or open your laptop up to spills and drops just to make something from our 5-year deep archive (yes, we have over 3,000 tutorials here on Pretty Prudent). So, welcome to our new hub. We hope you guys like it!

Check out all of our tutorials in our pretty new archive pages, and follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our personal fave, Instagram (on insta we tend to get personal so we made ourselves each a separate account – @prudentjaime and @prudentjacinda) and let us know what you think!

Jaime and Jacinda Pretty Prudent Let’s make stuff together, cook stuff together, take fantasy vacations together, and talk about our style and mostly our babies together. Much love from the whole Prudent Family!! We hope you like the new Pretty Prudent!!!



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