Wilton Workshop Link Love & Fondant Book Giveaway

Jaime and I are at a big event at Wilton this week. It’s amazing. We’ve learned so much and are having a great time! They gave us a serious goody bag and also took us shopping at their big annual tent sale. Has anyone ever been? The deals are awesome. We highly recommend. But anyway, I saw this cute fondant book and decided to snag a copy BUT they had already given us one in our goody bag. Don’t I feel stupid. So now I am going to pass it on to a Prudent Mama of course! Leave a comment here between now and Sunday night at midnight. Tell us what Wilton product you bought last, or maybe one that you have your eye on. I’m coveting these Fondant Molds. We will randomly select a winner and announce next week. US residents only.

But maybe you are thinking… hey where’s Link Love?

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Have a nice weekend!




I decorated my first cake ever for my son's birthday in April and ever since I've been stalking the Wilton stuff at the craft store. I think my next purchase will be mini-cake pans. Maybe the flowers. Flower shaped cake sounds extra delicious.

Jill @myheartisyoursblog

The last wilton product I purchased was the cake decorating tips…. is that the correct lingo??? I am not so up to speed on cake decorating …. thats why I need this! πŸ˜‰


I've been eyeing the Ultimate Decorating set – but would love to get my hands on just the 53 pc set… I love the 19 Count Party Stand too!!!! so many tools, so little cash! πŸ™‚ thanks for the giveaway!!!! ms_sunshyne at yahoo dot com


I just bought a couple bags of their candy melts for modeling chocolate…but I've been eyeing up the tilting turntable! Thinking about how awesome that would be for working on the side details…


We live nearby to the tent sale…my mom just went yesterday! It is an amazing sale…I went last year, thought I spent too much but because their prices are crazy good, it was ok. πŸ™‚


Last Wilton product I bought was the Mickey Mouse shaped pan for my daughter's birthday, got it 50% off at Hobby Lobby during the week that Wilton products were their coupon.

Leigh Anne

I purchased an off-set spatula for icing cupcakes & cakes. Have never owned one before and didn't understand the big deal, but after using it….holy moly – that thing rocks. What did I do w/o it??


Last Wilton product I bought was premade fondant for my son's first birthday. I tried my hand at farm animal cupcakes and they turned out pretty cute.


I can't get enough of Wilton stuff! I love the whole aisle at my craft store πŸ™‚ I am signed up to take their cake decorating class at a local bakery coming up next month and I'm so psyched!

craighead gal

I have been decorating cakes since 1975 (I know, I'm ancient!). It gave me extra income when money was tight as I went through a painful divorce, and allowed me to give my daughter magical birthday parties I would otherwise not have been able to afford. Now, I make wedding cakes as wedding gifts to my daughter's friends. But I've never had the nerve to try fondant! This would give me the push needed to start! The last Wilson product (which is the only brand I buy) was a 1M tip.

Heidi's Nest

The last thing I bought was the mini Noah's Ark cookies cutters and used those to make little animal graham crackers. I need to get some more icing bags soon too

Kimberly F

I just bought the pre-packaged rolled fondant in skin tones and primary colors for my son's birthday cake. I iced the sides (carefully following Jacinda's instructions, of course! I posted a pic in your Flickr pool) and made a fondant topper.


The last Wilton product I bought was the Fondant Alphabet Number Cookie Cutter Cut Outs. I actually use them more for cutting out cheese messages for my daughter's lunchbox πŸ˜‰


The last Wilton product I bought was chocolate molds and chocolates at Christmas time. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun to do with the kids, and who doesn't like to get pretty chocolates as a part of their gift?


I do not own any Wilton products because I am too scared to make fondant but I have always wanted to. I love looking at all their stuff.

Happiness is...

I just bought the fondant rolling pin and mat last week; needed it for my daughter's birthday cake. I've been using fondant now four a few years, and I'm telling you, you MUST try Satin Ice Fondant (that's the brand name). Smells like candy, super forgiving, and you can buy it pre-colored. Much easier product than the Wilton Fondant. Tastier too!

Sarah Jane

THe last Wilton product I purchased was a large box of their rolled fondant when I just didn't have the energy to make my own…it turned out wonderfully, of course!


I bought their cupcake carrier and love it. I have so many of their products and they do not disappoint – cookie cutters are great!


The last wilton product I bought was a set of two nine inch round cake pans, before that I bought some frosting press stencil things. You press them onto your frosting and it gives outlines to trace for piping decorations on =) They're fun to play with!!


the last wilton product I bought was baking sheets for a wedding shower! I hope that's a good enought comment to win, haha. I really want to learn fondant stuffs for making my baby girl's (10m) birthday cake, and future birthday cakes. I have a lack of skill in this area, but not for lack of trying…


My latest Wilton purchase was the 1M tip. I really like it. I can make super fast, easy, and beautiful rosettes. I can't currently afford to take the fondant class, so I would LOVE the book so I can learn at home!


I used to live about 10 minutes from Wilton and then I move to the hotness that is TX. I loved their tent sales. I have many items I bought there. A girl can go crazy if she doesn't watch herself there.

P.S. I bet there is going to be a tutorial soon on some fondant goodness… πŸ˜‰


I bought some of their disposable decorating bags and new tips as mine have all gotten pretty beat up. I LOVE Wilton!


I am taking my second Wilton decorating class on Monday and I have bought a ton of Wilton stuff. The last thing I bought were the stacking Wilton cake pans that I am going to use to make my daughter's circus themed birthday cake.


I just had my first daughter 9 months ago and it is killing me not to know how to make her birthday cake. One thing I remember from my childhood is my mother hand making all my birthday cakes. In kindergarden I had two large teddy bears, one yellow and one chocolate. I had a strawberry shortcake cake, nasa space shuttles, etc. I want my daughter to have those same memories. So i have been dying to take the Wilton Cake decorating class at my nearby hobby store, and have been eyeing the Wilton decorating set to start the classes.


I would love to have more skill at making cakes. My sisters are wonderful cake decorators and I sew. We have all of the fun basics covered, but I would love to get new frosting tips and learn how to use fondant. Wilton really is a good product!!


It seems I'm always stocking up on disposable pasty bags…but then I always have trouble transporting all of my cupcakes…My next purchase needs to be a cupcake taker.

Ashley Suzanne

Serious goody bags and a shopping trip!? That is a new direction on baking your cake and eating it too (pun intended :). I def. want the fondant book so that I can learn how to make it and then play with it :]


Most recent Wilton purchase was lollipop sticks for cake pops the other day. I've been really into Wilton products lately, just took their cake decorating class in May.


I buy little bits at a time – usually small things like a fondant roller and some tips like my last purchase. I covet the ultimate caddy and the fondant texture sheets!


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