Winner: Hoot Design Co Alphabet Print

To enter to win a gorgeous print from Hoot Design Co., we asked what you would do if you could quit your day job. What it really boils down to is this: you’d stay home with your kids. That and traveling and sewing. We hear that! And the winner is….mabblab who said:

I’d love to have an online fabric shop. That way I’d stay at home and be surrounded by the fabric I’m addicted to. Then again, I probably wouldn’t sell any of it. I’d hoard it. So, it’s probably not something to pursue. đŸ™‚

Ha! You can go ahead and order a Simply Baby print from Hoot Design Co here, and enter to win the Designer Notebooks giveaway here!




Oh, I'm so excited! Thanks soooo much! This will look FABULOUS in my girls' room. And, it will make up for the scare I gave them when I shrieked "I WON!!!" (I almost made the baby cry….)

Love your blog. Thanks so much!


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