Writing a Book has it’s Moments: “Business Work” in Austin Texas

Hotel San Jose Austin Texas

Writing a book is hard work but it’s also really fun and wonderful. A few weeks ago I road-tripped down to Austin and met up with the amazing Amanda from Spruce (and HGTV, check out her stunning upholstered door project) to check out her space and drop off a few chairs with big potential but in need of a major makeover. Since it was also my friend Jenny’s bridal shower, I made a weekend of it and spent a little me time at Hotel San José. It was a luxurious relaxing retreat since we usually make Austin a day trip or stay with friends. So yeah, it was me in one of those super soft cotton robes. Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can score a few yards of this stripey soft cotton?

Hotel San Jose Austin Texas

If you can find me some, I’ll buy you one of these the next time we’re in Austin. It’s called a Blue Heater (even though it’s pink) and it’s a delish poolside champagne, blueberry, blue agave, lemon balm, etc cocktail.

Hotel San Jose Austin

The only thing prettier than that scene is the splendid Spruce headquarters. Have you ever so wanted to live in a retail shop?

Spruce Austin Upholstery Spruce Austin Upholstery

Isn’t Amanda a gorgeous Mama-to-be?

Spruce Austin Upholstery

This place is full of lovely items that have been given new life under Amanda and her team of artisans capable hands.

Spruce Austin Upholstery Spruce Austin Upholstery

I even picked up some remnants. I spy some Skinny LaMinx!

Spruce Upholstery Austin Spruce Austin Upholstery

GAH!! What the what is that? Seem out of place? Yes, these are my beauties that Spruce is going to spruce. That little rocker was $5 and it’s Clare’s favorite. She can’t wait to get it back. That blue beast is insanely comfy, which is why I’ve moved it 5 times. Amanda and I have worked together to pick out the perfect fabric for this chaise and bring it from the dark corner of the guest room to the focal point of the living room. I’m excited to show you the big reveal in our Pretty Prudent Home book next year. That little rocker is going to be decked out in my own Texas Modern Sunset fabric (can’t wait to see it!)

Croque Madam

From Spruce, I headed to brunch with my girl Lauren Bayne from MILK (yup, they dropped the TX so everyone can feel the love, and designed a pretty new site.) She insisted I pose for a pic with this cool honky-talk cowboy who was totally calling me out on hiding around the corner when this was snapped. Also, Jorts.

Austin TX Hotel San Jose Austin Texas

Then a quick bit of shopping on South Congress. Remember how I was asking y’all where I could buy shed deer antlers? Well I found them all. Plus an taxidermy armadillo that I would have scooped up except stuffed armadillos are crazy expensive. Anyone has one they want to give to a loving home? You’re judging me, I can feel it. Just keepin’ it weird y’all.

Hotel San Jose Austin Texas South Congress Austin

One more Jo’s for the road and I started home. Austin, why ya gotta be so perfect, and so far away? See ya soon love, I’ll be here writing and crafting and sewing and writing and dreaming of my next Blue Heater by the pool.

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I am dying to know who makes that amazing colorful fabric you have pictured! I am totally into the pinks, greens and blues against that off white color!


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