Arrow Quilt Block Pillow: PPH Bonus!

Arrow Quilt BLock instructionsLast week we shared our first bonus project from our brand new book, Pretty Prudent Home, Sew a Pair: Curtain Tiebacks with Grommets. Now we are back with a beauty, the Arrow Quilt Block Pillow! This is another project that we loved so much, alas there was not enough room for it’s greatness in the book.

Back in the planning stages of Pretty Prudent Home, I called on one of my favorite quilters, Erin Schlosser, to help me with the pattern (and making) of this project. I had this idea in my head and had worked out some of the construction, but Erin created and tested the pattern and put it into words that even the newest quilter could understand. I love the way it came out using Violet Craft’s gorgeous Waterfront Park fabric collection.

Erin and I also worked together to create a second beautiful quilt pattern which can be found on page 107 of Pretty Prudent Home. I can’t wait to see reader versions of both the Herringbone & Heart Quilt from the book and the Arrow Quilt Block Pillow found right here!

Read on for the full project.

Click here for the PDF instructions for Arrow Quilt Block Pillow, featuring illustrations by Sonya Lee Benham and photography by Annie McElwain and Raya Carlisle.

PRetty Prudent Home Bonus Material





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