DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties

This DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties is an adorable beginner sewing project for baby.

DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties

You know when you just love a fabric so much you hold onto it forever and then end up not making anything with it? Ya, I don’t know what that’s like either.

In order to get the ball rolling and actually use this fabric, I started by making this cute baby bonnet with leather ties. I ditched the ruffles on this one because I wanted to give it a more modern look, and added leather ties. Notice a theme this past week (ahem, Leather Mason Jar Mug and Leather Heart Keychains)? I adore how it turned out and am now on the hunt for a sweet baby to give it to. Know of any?

Check out the DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties after the jump…

DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties

Start by opening and downloading the Bonnet Pattern and Tutorial.

Follow the tutorial for sewing the bonnet together,

Once you have your bonnet and the lining, flip them inside out with right sides facing and wrong sides out. Sew the bonnet and lining together along the opening, leave the bottom open.

Flip right-side-out. It should now look like this image below.

DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties

Place the leather ties near the front and pin down. For safety, PLEASE USE BEST JUDGEMENT for selecting length of ties depending on child’s age. Ties in images are for too long for use with young children.

Fold the raw edges of the bottom in a 1/4 inch, pin down, and sew around, sewing the leather ties in place.

DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties

Now it’s ready to wear! We are dying to see what it looks like on your little one, so please don’t forget to share a photo with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram PrudentJacinda) #PrettyPrudent.

DIY Baby Bonnet with Leather Ties

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Love this! I will volunteer my cute baby girl who is due sometime in the next few weeks. As the youngest of 4 (2 of whom are also girls) I will admit I’ve not bought her anything new & am up to my ears in other nesting projects. Maybe after she’s born I can get around to making some of these for her 🙂


What size is the template for? How many months? I want to make it for my 8 month old.


Hi! The pattern is now updated above. Thanks! Be sure to make your cords an appropriate length for safety. : )


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