Crochet Bonnet with Free Pattern

The Crochet Bonnet with Free Pattern is a sweet project for an Easter bonnet or a Baptism bonnet.

Last week I made this little fleece bonnet inspired by Quinn’s baptism cap and you were all seriously so sweet about it but the underlying message was… “um, we really like the original, where is the tutorial for that?” So, because we love you, here it is!
Find the crochet pattern after the jump…


With the slip knot on your hook, yarn over and draw the loop already on your hook. Continue this for how many chains you need to begin your project.

DC=Double Crochet:
Yarn over and insert your hook into the stitch or space indicated.
Yarn over and pull up a loop. (3 loops on hook.)
Yarn over and draw through 2 of the loops. (2 loops on hook.)
Yarn over and draw through the last 2 of the loops.

DC DEC=Double Crochet Decrease
Work a dc in the next stitch without completing the very last step (leave the last two loops on the hook), then dc in the next stitch without completing the last step. You should have three loops on the hook then yarn over and draw through all the loops. Decrease made.

SC: Single Crochet
Insert your hook into the stitch or space indicated, then yarn over and pull up a loop. (You should have two loops on your hook.) Yarn over and draw through both of the loops on your hook.


This hat will fit a large-headed (giant, actually) 9 month old but would be easily altered by omitting stitches in step 1 and rows in step 3. I used an I/9-5.5MM hook and Bernat Satin Sport (light) in White.

1. Ch 45, turn

2. Ch 3 (for first DC), DC in second stitch and next 43 stitches. Count stitches, should be 45.

– at this point my row of DC’s measured 11.5″ FYI. Wrap row over top of baby’s head like a headband and see if you like that length for the brim of your hat. If not, start over with more or less stitches.

3. turn and repeat “step 2.” 7 times for a total of 8 rows. If you are making a smaller cap do 1 or 2 less rows.

4. turn, Ch 3 (for first DC), DC in second stitch and next 20 stitches, DC Dec in stitch 22/23, DC in next 21 stitches. (This is where you are beginning to curve the back of the head, the decrease should be at the center of the head)

5. turn, Ch 3, DC in second stitch and next 18,  DC Dec 21/22 & 23/24, DC 20

6. turn, Ch 3, DC in second stitch and next 14,  DC Dec 17/18, 19/20, 21/22, 23/24, DC 17

7. turn, Ch 3, DC in second stitch and next 13,  DC Dec 16/17,18/19,20/21,22/23,24/25, DC 12

8. turn, Ch 3, DC in second stitch and next 8,  DC Dec 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17/18, 19/20, 21/22, 23/24, DC 8

9. turn, Ch 3, DC in second stitch and next 4,  DC Dec 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17/18, DC 7

10. Align sides and either whipstitch with yarn or sc(picking up both sides) appx 9 stitches
Tie off at back of head and cut yarn

11. Turn inside-out

12. Starting at the corner (what would be the left cheek) SC along entire bottom, at a tight gauge, to gather back of neck. Tie off (or tie to original starting end if it’s right there). Weave ends.

13. Thread a ribbon in and out of first space between DCs (closest to face) and tie in a beautiful big bow at cheek.

Optional: You can also add a scalloped or ruffle edge around face if you fancy.
Or if your child is annoyed by the bow, you can add a strap, sewn to one side and attached with velcro to the other.

Does anyone else’s baby do this finger suck? Isn’t it cute, if I do say so myself?

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I am definitely making this. Your little sweet pea is adorable! My sister sucked on her fingers like that until she was 7 (mostly in secret) and now her teeth are all wonky in the front. 🙁


ummm, i don't even know what to say, this is the cutest thing i've ever seen. i miss quinn. come see us in april!!!!


Okay, so I don't crochet, but that's really cute.

Just wanted to say I stopped by from Grosgrain, and LOVE your blog! Totally getting me inspired for some fun projects for the new year. (I'm currently working on non-fun projects, recycling some old curtains and covering dining room chairs for my dad, but he's single and kinda boring, so they're all beige. LOL)

Definitely will be back!!


Oh, yes! My (now nearly 16-year-old) eldest daughter sucked those two fingers, and for a very long time. She and I are making incredibly high-pitched noises over the picture of your sweet little one.


one of the babies at my son's school does this finger sucking thing- I always thought it looked like she was walking around doing the ASL sign for "I Love You". it's super cute 🙂

Lady Leo

I can't follow a pattern if my life depended on it but this bonnet is so heart-wrenching-ly adorable, I really must try. (I can crochet, I can sew, I can quilt, all by sight – as soon as I try the patterns I end up with disasters.) Please, please, please Santa, Nerfertiti, Buddha, whomever: help me do make this bonnet!!


My 5 year old daughter still sucks her two fingers like that, she talks about them with great affection and is very annoyed if they don't taste 'right'…. Love the bonnet! Am going to crochet one tonight.x

Lady Leo

Partial success! Yes! I have to do a re-do because I didn't follow directions! YOU SAID to check the length against baby's head, I did not (she was sleeping). Consequently, my daughter's big ole melon requires about 2" more length on both sides. Also, I ended up with a really long bonnet. I'll post pics on my blog ( in a couple days after I make the re-do.


Thanks so much for this! I adapted the pattern and made a hat for my French Bulldog 🙂


This was so easy! I am usually horrible at reading patterns, I learn by watching. I had no trouble following. Thank you so much!


I just finished making this in an hour or so for a shower tonight. I didn’t have ribbon, so I crocheted 40 chains on each corner for ties. Then sewed a little yellow rose on each corner. Thank you.


Gosh, did this darling bonnet bring back memories. I’m definately gonna try to make this for our new great grandbaby thats due in August ! Thanks soooooo much for including the pattern on your page !!


Your daughter is adorable. Id love to mwke this for my 3 month old god daughter, not sure how to changecstitches or hook size. Help please and thank you..


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