Happy Birthday Jacinda! Here is your cake.

In honor of Jacinda’s birthday, I made her a cake. No I didn’t… but I made her a post of cakes that she made. She is really good at making cakes.

First here is a perfectly iced cake with our How to Ice a Cake Tutorial. This tutorial was one of our early big hits on the site, it’s really well done and easy to follow. I reference it every time I actually make a cake, which is rare but does happen occasionally. How to Ice a Cake

Here is a tutorial on how to ice any cake with a star tip. This is a great way to get a pro looking cake even if you don’t have mad cake skills. How to Use a Star Tip

This is the cake I know she would want to eat the most: The Smörgåstårta or Swedish Sandwich Cake. Smorgastarta

Here is an ombre petal cake for you Jacinda.

I hope your day is full of New England lobsters and love! Happy Birthday!



India Flowers

My friend’s birthday is nearing and i was looking for some good cakes recipes. So, i think i landed here just in time. Thanks for sharing it with us, would definitely try to make one on own. Cheers!


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