Record Bowls

The DIY bowl from a record is a definite oldie-but-goodie craft project. I made some for Erin’s 80’s Prom Night Birthday Party so I thought why not share the details in case you hadn’t heard.  These make great inexpensive party decor, take like 4 minutes to make, and cost 10 cents each.

Learn how to make a record bowl after the jump…
How to Make Record Bowls

1.  Gather some records you never want to listen to again.  Place one record on top of a ceramic (oven-safe) bowl.  Put it in the oven at about 350 degrees.

Let it sit there for about five minutes.  You’ll see it starting to wilt.

2.  Take it out and push the record into the bowl then adjust it till you like the way it’s folding.

Oddly enough, the record won’t really be too hot, I was able to adjust my record folds with my bare hands (of course, i recommend being logical and wearing an oven mitt):

Let it cool.  Take it out.  Done.

Fill with treats!

bubblegum is especially cute!




I love these 🙂 Now to decide if I really CAN part with the vinyl that I haven't listened to in forever, but still am not ready to render un-usable…

Concerned parent

Hmmmm the thought of heated OLD vinyl and food….
old plastics contain some harmful toxins and when heated it isn't a good combo.
It's a great idea and makes for a great convo piece…I would try to stay clear of nasty old stuff.


But since gumballs [little known fact] are actually MADE from old vinyl records, you are probably safe. Just kidding.


I love this! I make them by placing the record over a bowl in the sink then pouring over boiling water…


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