80’s PROM NIGHT PARTY with PHOTOS !!! You’ve come too the right place!

Hello, Everyone knows I advocate for costumes.  Maybe one day I’ll share amazing photos from the infamous White Trash party, where we ate spam casserole and twinkie surprise, or the Bad Wedding BBQ we threw Jacinda, where we all wore old bridesmaid dresses and re-gifted useless household implements.  But today, right here, right now, it’s all about last weekend’s 80’s Prom Night in celebration of Erin’s 30th birthday (she was born in 1980, get it?). It might be the funnest party I’ve ever attended.

If you’re in need of a party theme that makes everyone dress up and dance, you’re in luck.  Get the little details that make for a perfect 80’s Prom Night (and more pictures!) after the jump…


High Low Skirt Pattern: Sheer Gathered High-Low Skirt Tutorial

High Low Skirt Pattern: Sheer Gathered High-Low Skirt Tutorial –  It’s the perfect layered look for any time of year.

We’ve had some sunny days here in Los Angeles, which I’ve been fully embracing with tank tops, flowy skirts, and sandals. When I spotted this Sheer Gathered High-Low Skirt Tutorial from Cotton and Curls, I knew it would be one of my staples for spring. I’ve seen skirts like this in stores, but making it seems so much better! If you’re feeling the winter chill still, you can wear this cute skirt with a pair of colored tights or high boots.

Sew a few more pretty garments just for you with the  Cotton & Curls Tulip Wrap Skirt tutorial, Tulle Skirt, Men’s Button up to Women’s Button Up or the 3-in-1 DIY Swimsuit.

Get the full Sheer Gathered High-Low Skirt Tutorial after the jump…


How to Make a Ribbon Skirt

Here is How to Make a Ribbon Skirt. It’s such an easy beginner sewing project for girls.

Note: Since writing this post years ago when our own girls were tiny, I have learned that a ribbon skirt is a prominent garment worn by Native American women and girls in many tribes including the Saskatchewan and NavajoIndigenous people in the prairies great lakes of the US and Canada continue to make and wear them in native communities and for traditional ceremonies. While we didn’t realize their cultural background when we made this tutorial, we hope that by mentioning the  spiritual significance of the ribbon skirt and it’s relevance as a symbol of womanhood for native women, we can use this post as a reminder of their importance as a traditional form of identity for tribal communities for future generations. 

While it might be seen as simply a distinct fashion piece to the non-indigenous eye in western culture, it felt important to mention its ties to Native American culture and to honor their generations of ancestors rather than give them new meaning. 

Here is a Ribbon Skirt Tutorial (with VIDEO!) by Serene Weasel Traveller, a skilled seamstress and artist from the Piikani Nation, presented by the Galt Museum.

Welcome! Last ribbon week we showed you how to make a twirly fun Ribbon Dress. That was such a hit here at home, I decided to make another version. So here we have a twirly ribbon skirt with a stretchy waistband in bright spring colors. This is a great project for beginners. Sylvie, daughter of my friend (blogger Macki) was the recipient and seems to love it! Look at the pride on her cute young girl face wearing her own ribbon skirt!

Let me show you how to whip up a basic ribbon skirt dear viewers…



How to Make A Hair Bow

Want to learn how to make a hair bow on your own?How to Make a Hair Bow Hair Bow Tutorial

For several years I have resisted placing giant bows on the tops of my small daughters’ heads but they have recently noticed that some girls wear magnificent gravity-defying ribbon-y creations piled high on their hair and they want in. I can’t really blame them, even I have fallen victim to the big bow trend that has turned “Put a bird on it” into “Put a bow on it.” So I’ve taken to my ribbon stash and created a Big Texas Hair Bow tutorial for y’all! These show-stoppers make a great stocking stuffer for ladies of any age.

How to Make a Hair Bow Hair Bow Tutorial
Read on for the quick and easy Big Texas Hair Bow Tutorial. (more…)


18 Easy Easter Crafts: Perfect, Simple Crafts for Easter

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite easy Easter crafts for an afternoon in the craft room or the kitchen. Start with easy easter egg crafts, then check out some Easter food crafts, Easter tabletop crafts, and if you’re up for it, some more involved, but no less adorable Easter sewing projects. 18 Easy Easter Crafts


The Season of Cozy: Reader Favorite Recipes

Season of Cozy Recipes
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Originally published 10/1/14