How to Sew a One-Yard Fleece Hooded Poncho

How to Sew a One-Yard Fleece Hooded Poncho is such a perfect beginner sewing project. Check it out.DIY Baby Fleece Poncho Tutorial ProjectLook at little five-year-old Clare in her One-Yard fleece poncho!! She is 13 now, can you believe it? This project is still such a winner! I thought I would share it again just in case you are here because you received a new sewing machine for Christmas. OR maybe your goal for 2021 is to finally learn how to use the one you have!

Here is the original post and video that we made back in the day.

A while back, Jaime and I appeared on PBS’s It’s Sew Easy and shared a super simple One-Yard Fleece Hooded Poncho project. Since it’s getting brisk outside I’m excited to stitch up a few more for my favorite girls and boys. The best part is all the creative fun you can have adding trim and embellishment to make each poncho an original. Watch the video, as seen on It’s Sew Easy, to see how we made the poncho and then incorporated ribbon, pom-poms, bias tape, suede fringe and embroidery accents.

Head on over to the It’s Sew Easy website for many more fabulous sewing projects and showtime information.
1 yard fleece hooded poncho tutorial

Want to try a crochet poncho project instead? Here is our famous Grannie Square Poncho.

A Hooded Baby Towel is another great beginner sewing project that makes a great gift.

Have leftover fleece scraps? Make a Fleece Pom-Pom Garland. So cute for any holiday or as a nursery decoration.

Originally posted 11/12, updated 01/21


Last Minute Christmas Guide to DIYs and Recipes

I heard that you need a Last Minute Christmas Guide to DIYs and Recipes!

It seems like only yesterday we were dreaming of a pink Christmas. How was that 2011? Flash forward to today and we’re only a few days away from Christmas 2020, yikes! Wrap up those handmade gifts and plan your Christmas recipes with our Last Minute Christmas Guide to DIYs and Recipes…

Salt Dough Ornaments | Salt Dough Garland

Super Last Minute Christmas Stocking | Sharpie Ornaments | 3-Minute Garland | Tinsel Ornaments | Flower Vase Ornaments | Bottle Brush Trees

No-Sew Leather Bow NecklaceKid Art Trivet | Custom Crayons | Leg Warmers

Gifts pretty prudent
Teacup Candles | Decorated Kleenex Holder | Simple Serger Napkins | Rose and Eucalyptus Body Scrub | Easiest Body Scrub | DIY Jump Ropes | No-Sew Animal Masks

Marigold, Lemon, and Honey Soap

Furoshiki Wrapping: How to Wrap with Fabric | How to Tie a Perfect Bow

Gift Wrap
Stamped Wrapping Paper | French Pouf | Felt Gift Bows

Coconut Snowballs - final
No-Bake Coconut Snowball Cookies | Tangerine Sorbet | Strawberry Shortcake

Breakfast and dessert
Coffee Cake in a Cup | Sour Cream Coffee Cake | Chai Monkey Bread | Liege Waffles | French Toast in a Cup | Bread Pudding

Garnishes & Toppings
Marshmallows | Candied Rose Petals | Whipped Cream: 6 Delicious Flavors

Dried Citrus Slices Without a Dehydrator | Pickled Cranberries

Cocktails & Drinks: 
Spiced Apple Cider Champagne Cocktail | Sparkling Rum Punch | Darker & Stormier | Apple Pie Moonshine | Irish Mule | Sangria

Cranberry Shrub Cocktail

Mini Pancake Bites | Kale, Peach, and Roasted Almond Salad | Tuna Tartare | Last-Minute Pantry Salad Trick | Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Skewers | Deviled Eggs

Lastly, top off your Christmas dinner with the prettiest Fresh Food Wreath.

Happy Holidays!!


DIY Fox Scarf with Free Pattern

It’s the DIY Fox Scarf with Free Pattern that you’ve been looking for!
Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with their very own homemade fox scarf? It’s like a glamorous old timey stole, but with less dead fox! Let us show you how to make a fox scarf (and give you a free downloadable pattern too).

I’d like to introduce to my little friend here, Frédéric. He took one foggy afternoon to whip up and has been lazily resting on my shoulders ever since. He is made from the finest of flannels and the coziest minky, and boy is he toasty. Want to make a Frédéric of your own?

The best thing about this fox scarf pattern is that you can make a variety of different animal scarves with it: raccoon, wolf, or skunk perhaps? Round out the snout and ears to make it a bear or panda. The scarf length is also easily customizable to be longer or shorter.

Keep reading for the full DIY Fox Scarf tutorial and pattern…



How to Paint A Watercolor Pumpkin

Do these early autumn days have you wondering how to paint a watercolor pumpkin? 🎃 IMG_3570 (1)

Here is a beginner watercolor tutorial for painting pumpkins. Some people associate watercolor painting with the butterflies and flowers of spring and summer but I love to paint in autumn. You can see some of my recent fall-inspired apple and floral paintings on Instagram, plus how to paint the baby pumpkins in the image below. I always love to see the art that you create from my painting tutorials. Please send us your pics or tag us.

IMG_3585 (1)



Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Cocktail Recipe

How amazing does a Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Cocktail Recipe sound right now?Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Cocktail Recipe

Watermelon screams summer and sunlight and lazy days by the pool, but watermelon actually has its place any time of year, even at a Los Angeles Christmas cocktail party. Here in Southern California, and I’m sure in many other places (like, say, Mexico), we have a tradition of eating tamales on Christmas. And what would go better with a tamale at a holiday party than a sweet, smoky, spicy cocktail of watermelon juice and mezcal? So basically you can’t go wrong this delicious concoction any time of year.

Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Cocktail Recipe 2The addition of refreshing muddled cilantro balances out the heat from the chilis, making this a drink that bites at the lips while going down easy, more like a light agua fresca. The added bonus? Brightening your glass with cheery red and green Christmas colors! This recipe will spice up any holiday gathering by warming your heart as well as your mouth.  Watermelon juice is the perfect addition because it has all the flavor of watermelon, but it’s not too sweet; it reminds me of a homemade watermelon agua fresca. Get my Spicy Watermelon Mezcal Cocktail Recipe after the jump… (more…)


Sugar Cookie Cake Toppers

Here’s how to make some Sugar Cookie Cake Toppers for your summer parties at home!

How to decorate Sugar Cookies with royal icing

Looking to add some spark to your Summer shin-dig? These edible cupcake toppers, made from sugar cookies, can go from cute to sophisticated depending on the party. If you are a geek for dessert decorating and you’ve found yourself debating whether to make cookies or cake, here’s a way to show off your skills with a little of both, but the secret is that these can be made with little decorating skills at all. Shhhhh. The kiddos will go crazy for these tiny cookies on a stick. What is that about kids and their love of food on a stick?
How to decorate Sugar Cookies with royal icing
Gather your supplies… (more…)


How to Grow Sprouts

My family has become obsessed with growing sprouts to eat on sandwiches and salads so I’m excited to share with you how to grow sprouts!

How to grow sprouts

This has become a fun little gardening experiment for us that yields results in just a few days. I highly recommend growing alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, pea sprouts or any of the other varieties out there. There are so many yummy options. Here’s how to grow sprouts at home.How to grow sprouts (more…)


How to Paint Watercolor Tropical Flowers Video Tutorial

Here is my How to Paint Watercolor Tropical Flowers Video Tutorial!

How to paint watercolor tropical flower Video Tutorial

This week I am back with the second video in my series of painting lessons. I’ve really been missing my students and teaching live workshops so doing these online painting tutorials has felt great.

I hope that you try this project and if you do, please share your finished work with me on Facebook or Instagram @JacindaStudio! Not much makes me happier than seeing your paintings. I seriously nerd out when I see my students work. (more…)