10 Amazon Prime Gifts You Can Get Right Now

Hey guys, I’m dropping in with 10 Amazon Prime Gifts You Can Get Right Now.

Looking for goodies for some bunny special? Better hop to it. Due to demand for at-home deliveries, Amazon has prioritized delivering essentials, which makes 2 day delivery less reliable. I had a few fun gift ideas that I had wanted to share with you so I double checked that they can make it in time. Phew, I found them! Plus I added some other great gifts that help make time at home a little more enjoyable. Of course, double check delivery dates for yourself when you click.


Unstable Unicorns Game This game! My three kids have begged to play it daily since it arrived two weeks ago. It has become a really fun part of our family routine at home. We love it so much that we plan to surprise Gordon with two of the expansion packs for Easter. He is going to be so excited. (Amazon Affiliate link – thank you!) (more…)


Wildflowers of Texas Watercolor Painting Workshop – Irving, TX

Join for for a fun evening of watercolor painting in Dallas/Fort Worth. We will start with a live demonstration and warmup practice of flower painting and then each paint a flower-full Texas. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, or if you do not consider yourself an artists. I promise this class is designed for any level. I even have outlines for you to trace and paint in if that is most comfortable. I hope to see you there! Sign up info below.texas wildflower watercolor

Las Colinas Country Club presents

Painting with Jacinda

Saturday, February 29th | 6-8 pm | 45++ Per Person

Join us for a ladies night of painting with Jacinda Boneau
while enjoying one complimentary house drink and appetizers.

RSVP by sending an email to Brittany.Obrien@clubcorp.com


Heart Shaped Tomato Galette Recipe

This is a Valentine’s Day recipe, but you can go ahead and make it in a circle shape and eat it any time of year. The parmesan crust is so buttery and fluffy, and the tomatoes burst with flavor on a bed of caramelized onions and cheese.
Folding into a cute heart shape was a fun way to make it a Valentine’s Day recipe, and just made me happy.

Get the Valentines Day Tomato Parmesan Galette Recipe… (more…)


Fingerprint Cactus Valentine: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card

DIY cactus valentine

I’ve mentioned that bad puns are one of my favorite things about Valentines day (and in life.) Since cacti are one of my other favorite things, here are some sweet little pokey cards that bring together a few of my favorite things. If you were to tie one of these around a bottle of champagne and put Jaime on a plane with it, that would pretty much put all of my favorite things together. Anyway, here are some cute prickly valentines that you can make if you have paper, a fine point marker, a green stamp pad and a finger. DIY cactus valentineDIY cactus valentine   DIY cactus valentine

DIY cactus valentine

Basically you dip a large fingertip (I used pointer) in the inkpad and make the bottom pad of your cactus. Then a small fingertip (the pinky perhaps) and make the rest of the cactus. Kid fingers would make this even more adorable. Next draw a little pot and some funny words. You don’t need to be a calligrapher to make this work, even just block letters will be perfect.

DIY cactus valentine

Leave all your pals a note or tie one around a small potted cactus for your bestess and mostess.

Originally posted Feb 8, 2016



25 Perfect Girlfriend Gifts from $5 to $25

25 Perfect Girlfriend Gifts from $5 to $25, AKA, 25 things that I own that make me super happy. If you are looking for a little way to show your best girl (or yourself) that you love her, here are 25 gift ideas that wont break the piggy bank. And if you are noticing that the first item is a cat jigsaw puzzle, and you’re not feeling it, don’t worry, I limited my cat features to only two items.

Ok, just us crazy cat nerds left? Hi my people, let’s shop.

Are you looking for the perfect little pick me up for your favorite lady from 10 years old to 101? Here are 25 items that I personally love and I’m guessing the amazing gals in your life will as well. This is a mix of books, art supplies, beauty products, and pretty little things for the home. (more…)


Free Koala Printable for Valentine’s Day

Here is a free koala printable for Valentine’s Day!

free koala art

The animals of Australia have been on all of our minds so I couldn’t resist featuring sweet koala bears on my Valentine’s Day printables. I hope you like them! The art is saved as 6″x4″ jpegs and can easily be printed on photo sized paper.

Feel free to download and print this free koala printable. Also, please consider making a donation to one of the many organizations that is helping the animals affected by the bushfire in Australia. This CNN article gives more information on How to Help Australia Bushfire Victims. (more…)