Aquarium- Nursery Inspiration

My brother and his beautiful little family were here visiting this weekend. In addition to eating, crafting and playing with babies, we made a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was so much fun. Babies love to stare at fish. That is probably why there are so many sea-life inspired nurseries. yikes, right? But some of the gorgeous tanks got me thinking about sea-life inspired nurseries done right. In my research I found SOOOO many cute items. What would you add to the perfect sea-life nursery? And better yet, what would you make?

Cascading sea shell thingie of goodness
Painting – Underwater in Pink
Girl with octopus on chair
Mermaid (Clare’s favorite toy FYI)
Underwater Print Set
Ollie the Octopus-apparently not available anymore but Jaime has one, lucky.

I would make something with this for sure!


Mom & Tot Wall Hangers by Ish & Chi

Have you ever seen anything so cute yet so elegant?  Viv is the author of one of my favorite design blogs, Ish & Chi, as well as mother to a small fry herself.  She took an ugly old door and in a few steps turned into this adorable and functional vignette. To create these door hangers you’ll need two frames, two hooks and some wallpaper or scrapbooking paper.  See how Viv did it here!


Life Lessons?

What are the lessons, if you were no longer around to reflect them, that you would want your child to see in your memory?  What is it that you hope on your best day to represent as a parent?  These are heady questions for a craft blog I know, but I am working on the final manuscript for Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter, and I am circling the terrifying completion of the list.  Something about reaching the end of it feels very finite, I feel certain I have missed some universal truths or indispensable tips or practical considerations that my daughter should know.  If you have a moment, please consider this question and share with me your thoughts.  If your contributions inspire one of the 500 Pieces of Prudent Advice you will be credited in the acknowledgements and I will be grateful.  If sharing in the comments feels too public, please email me at  I read and enjoy every single email and work hard to respond to all of them.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.


Semi-DIY Candy Corn Hat

First of all, isn’t the Target spot the most genius retail concept ever? I can’t go through there without at least 5 impulse buys. Included in the loot from my most recent shopping spree was this ‘lil candy corn hat. Last night, I quickly embroidered baby’s name across the front and sewed on a bow. No need to use an embroidery ring, it’s that scary stiff poly “fabric.” It’s kinda “corny” but you can’t beat a costume. Go see if they have any left, and while you’re there grab me a pack of pencils, some snoopy socks, orange sprinkles, a child’s gardening shovel and a decorative dishtowel.

PS. The tutu is one that I whipped up for a last minute witch costume for Clare last year. Stay tuned for an easy tutu DIY next week.