5 Cozy Winter Sewing Projects

How to Make Fabric Slippers Free PatternWhip up a pair of cozy slippers with our How to Make Fabric Slippers with Free Pattern tutorial.

Make yourself a cruelty free stole with our Fox Scarf with Free Pattern tutorial. Make up a few more as gifts!

Sew your very first (easy) quilt with our Introduction to Cheater Quilts tutorial. Introduction to Cheater Quilts Tutorial

Make this adorable Kimono Cardigan for a little one you love: How to Sew a Kimono Cardigan. Hew to Sew a Kimono Cardigan

Or sew yourself something cozy with our DIY Sweatshirt Dress Tutorial. DIY Sweatshirt Dress Tutorial

Happy sewing!


25 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Wish That You Owned

brad blake ugly christmas sweater If you have an Ugly Holiday Sweater party coming up, you can take the easy road and turn to off-the-rack options at Target or Amazon or you can grab that tree by its shiny balls and do it old school.We’re talking applique, puffy paint and garland. My friend Brad Brad, pictured above, looked no further than his mother’s closet for this vintage beauty which he made his own with some daring, midriff-baring styling. Here are 25 inspiring photos that you can use to create an Ugly Christmas Sweater that will make you a legend among your friends and co-workers this holiday season.

He’s Watching You. The Christmas sock reindeer is known to attack at any moment.
| “Ribbit” Around The Christmas Tree. Looks like the frog prince turned into a Christmas tree instead this time. ugly christmas sweater ideas Image source: Craftster | Get this sweater from Etsy

Jingle Bells. Here’s a tip for embellishing your ugly sweater, more is always better. | Garland Garment. This CANNOT be comfortable.ugly christmas sweater ideas Image source: Imgur | Image source: Imgur

Cat Man, yes please! How do you like meow? | Christmas Kisses. With a sweater like this, how can any girl resist? ugly christmas sweater ideasImage source: The Daily Green | Image source: The Daily Green

Hottie on Your Heart. Ho ho ho! | Pinkalicious. A nutcracking good time.ugly christmas sweater ideasImage source: My Ugly Christmas Sweater | Image source: The Daily Green

Fringe is in when feeling festive as the ol’ post office! | Madonna Makes an Appearance. It will be hard getting people to look at your face.ugly christmas sweater ideas Image source: Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater | Get sweaters like this from My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Speaking of Balls. Who Needs a Tree, When you have dear ol’ dad? | Take an “Elfie”. Looks like this one came straight from Santa’s workshop, and one of his elves escaped with the sweater.ugly christmas sweater ideasImage source: National Geographic | Get this sweater from Etsy

Last-Minute Sweater. When the stores are all sold out of ugly sweaters, just stick a tacky stocking on a sweater you already own. | Christmas Lifesaver. Looks more like a holiday inner tube than a wreath, but the festive lights make up for that. ugly christmas sweater ideasGet this sweater from Etsy | Get this sweater from Etsy

Turtleneck, Light-Up Surprise. You really look like you’re ready to party in this bad boy. | Coolest Candy Cane Family. Create memories your kids will never forget. And if they do forget, you will have photos to remind them. ugly christmas sweater ideasImage source: Rusty Zipper | Image source: Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Easiest DIY Christmas Sweater. Instead of hanging the wreath on the door, hang it on yourself. | Strange Placement. For the naughty one of the party.ugly christmas sweater ideas Image source: NY Mag | Image source: Beauty Riot

Grandma Gone Wild. Now that’s a Pink Lady. | Naughty Snowman. Yeah, we see what you did there.ugly christmas sweater ideas Image source: Beauty Riot | Get this sweater from Ebay

The Life of the Party. He’s got rows upon rows of Christmas cheer. | All the Sweaters. If you’re wearing an ugly sweater vest, make sure to wear the ugly sweater under it too. You know you’re finished when people stop noticing that you are holding a goat. ugly christmas holiday sweater ideas | Image source: Boredom Travels Findings | Image source: LCCC

Covered in Bows. The only way to complete this outfit is by adding about 10-15 bows to your hair too. | Fringe and Ornaments. The tree doesn’t need ornaments anyway.ugly christmas holiday sweater ideas Image source: Royal Oaks | Image source: My Ugly Christmas Sweater

You know that you’ve reached Ugly Christmas Sweater legend status when your friends ask to borrow your sweater for years to come. ugly christmas sweaters Happy Christmas! Hope it’s Ugly!


Best (and Easiest) Beef Jerky Recipe for Kids

The Best Beef Jerky Recipe for KidsWhilst I was whiling away a lovely weekend in Copenhagen, my husband introduced my (somewhat picky) daughter to the wonderful world of beef jerky. Imagine my surprise when I went in for a big sloppy welcome-home kiss, only to find the delicious scent of mystery meat-stick upon her breath. I decided it was in my best interest not to argue this point (hard to argue anything with your patient husband when you’ve been gallivanting about the world), and furthermore, beef jerky is protein, and protein is good, and my daughter needs more of it. But in my heart I knew I would feel better if she was eating a dried-meat of which I could both pronounce the ingredients and count them with my fingers. So I decided to make my own.
The Best (and Easiest) Beef Jerky Recipe for KidsAfter experimenting a bit, I’ve come up with a recipe for beef jerky that my little one loves; not spicy, not too sweet, and without nitrates or any sort of mystery ingredients.

Get my recipe for the Best (and easiest) Beef Jerky for Kids after the jump… (more…)


10 Things Your Teacher Wants for the Classroom

10 Things Your Teacher Wants for the Classroom91% of teachers spend their own money on making our children’s classrooms wonderful. According to this recent report teachers spend on average $500 out of their own pockets on classroom supplies. From being a room mom to my daughter’s wonderful classroom, I know her teacher spends more like $3000. In an effort to show we are grateful for the work our teachers do in educating our children, let’s consider donating some of these supplies. I asked my daughter’s teacher what would be valuable additions to her (2nd grade) classroom. Here are some things on her wishlist. Perhaps your teacher would appreciate some of these items.

Regardless of how you feel about Common Core, our public school teachers have to teach it, so let’s help them out with some useful classroom activities. Our teacher likes these two products and was grateful to have them as tools in her classroom:10 Things Your Teacher Wants for the Classroom: Math ActivitiesRegrouping Activity Chart, $39.99 at Lakeshore Learning | Tower of Math Game, $24.99 at Lakeshore Learning

Donating a fun game to the classroom can add richness to your child’s day that might otherwise be filled with worksheets or other less-interactive activities. Games are usually outside of the average classroom budget, and giving this gift allows you to sort of pick something you are passionate about your child learning to love (for me, that’s Geography). Here are a few games our teacher requested.10 Things Your Teacher Wants for the Classroom: Learning GamesAre you Ready for 3rd Grade? Game Show (This also comes in other grade levels), $29.99 at Lakeshore Learning | Geography Skills Match-Ups Complete Set, $39.99 at Lakeshore Learning | Magna-Tiles® Starter Set, $51.99 at Lakeshore Learning

Some basic supplies that teachers run through quickly are not covered by our school district, or they are covered, but not in sufficient quantities. So the next time you are at a big box store or doing your regular shopping, load up on these items and bring a big ‘ol delivery to your teacher. He or she will appreciate it. It’s ridiculous to me that my child’s educator should have to spend her own paycheck on tissues to wipe my little girl’s nose. Ridiculous!10 Things Your Teacher Wants for the Classroom - Cleaning Supplies Hand sanitizer | Tissues | Baby wipes | Disinfecting wipes

And the thing that your teacher could really use? Your time.10 Things Your Teacher Wants for the Classroom - VolunteerIf you have even the smallest amount of time to give, it makes the biggest difference in your child’s education. When I was able, I gave one day a week in the classroom assisting during learning rotations. Now that my schedule precludes that, I donate my time as a room parent facilitating communication between the administration and parents, and planning events as needed. My husband works long hours at his day job, but twice a year he spends Saturday at school cleaning the facilities. Teachers need help with things as simple as stapling assignments or cutting out little turkey hands. Any amount of time you can give will be appreciated. Our time is the greatest gift we give our children, and the greatest gift we can give our teachers and schools.

Thank you to my daughter’s amazing teacher, and to all the Prudent readers who teach our children all year long!