Inspiration from the LA Cookie Convention

Elephant Cupcakes Last Sunday before the big game, Carleton bought us tickets for a family day out at the Los Angeles Cookie Convention. It was fairly janky as far as the set up, but there were some beautiful cookies to be admired! Check this stuff out.

These sugar skull cookies by Cake and Cork were stunning. Sugar Skull Cookies

This Tiger head cake was by far the most amazing sweet concoction we saw, created by Wilton instructor Julie P. Zambrano. Tiger Head Cake

These old school police car cookies are adorable…Prohibition Cookies

and their prohibition-style set up is even cuter. Prohibition Sweets

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Minnesota Hotdish! Tater Tots and Bacon FTW.

Tater Tot Bacon HotDish I was so disappointed! I spent a whole week in Minnesota and ate not a single tater tot. What the heck? I got home and decided I would just have to make my own HotDish. Is it healthy? Yeah, no. But it’s fun to eat! And kids love it! Get my Minnesota Tater Tot Hotdish recipe… (more…)


Fingerprint Cactus Valentine: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card

DIY cactus valentine

I’ve mentioned that bad puns are one of my favorite things about Valentines day (and in life.) Since cacti are one of my other favorite things, here are some sweet little pokey cards that bring together a few of my favorite things. If you were to tie one of these around a bottle of champagne and put Jaime on a plane with it, that would pretty much put all of my favorite things together. Anyway, here are some cute prickly valentines that you can make if you have paper, a fine point marker, a green stamp pad and a finger. DIY cactus valentineDIY cactus valentine   DIY cactus valentine

DIY cactus valentine

Basically you dip a large fingertip (I used pointer) in the inkpad and make the bottom pad of your cactus. Then a small fingertip (the pinky perhaps) and make the rest of the cactus. Kid fingers would make this even more adorable. Next draw a little pot and some funny words. You don’t need to be a calligrapher to make this work, even just block letters will be perfect.

DIY cactus valentine

Leave all your pals a note or tie one around a small potted cactus for your bestess and mostess.


Starbucks Hack: Spinach Feta Wrap

starbucks spinach feta wrap

So hey, no big, my kid loves spinach. I’m trying to play this cool but in reality I am so freaking excited. After two children who refuse to touch the stuff, I have one babe who shares his mamas love of the OG superfood. It all started when, in a pinch, I purchased myself a Spinach Feta Wrap from Starbucks. It was delicious. Gordon asked for a bite and it blew his mind. I watched him eat the rest. My stomach growled. He demanded a second. We went back. I realized that this was going to get expensive. We made some at home. Now we have a new favorite healthy and delicious breakfast option. Make these. Eat some. Freeze the rest. Grow big awesome Popeye muscles if you are into that.

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