Second Grade Backpack Essentials with Scarlet

Scarlet went back to school this week. My big girl is a second grader now! And as you can see above, she may be more grown up, but she is still as silly as ever. I partnered with Puffs tissues to help send her back to school with a touch of softness from home for all the sniffles and messes that are bound to come up. Check out all the necessities Scarlet thinks your kiddos should pack in their backpacks, and then grab yourself a coupon for Puffs Basic and Puffs SoftPack tissues here.

This video was sponsored by Puffs tissues. As usual all opinions are my own.


Cool Stuff for Back to School: The Mom Edition


All of the Pretty Prudent kiddos are back at school. Miss Scarlet headed off to second grade last week…

11894664_1029361613764151_188568401580687129_oClare and Quinn are already loving third and first grade…11953302_1032275343472778_2083662388686851477_oAnd despite the weird smile, this little guy is happy to be starting his last year of pre-K. Maybe.

gordo In honor of school being in full swing, we are here to share a few back to school supplies that are more fun than no. 2 pencils and story journals. Just a few ways to treat yo’ self as we head into a busy Fall. I mean, the kids can’t have all the fun. But there are a few goodies in here for them too. We’re not monsters.

lolo bag (more…)


Lands’ End for Back to School a.k.a Where Did My Babies Go?

This post features clothing and accessories from our sponsor: Lands’ End

Lands End Back to School

Oh boy these kids are getting big. Last year I styled, and Clare, Quinn and Gordon modeled, some kid outfits for Lands’ End Back to School. We all had so much fun. This year I decided to let each kid, yes even 4-year-old Gordon, pick every item for their back to school photo shoot. It is with a big sigh of relief that I share the results. In my opinion, they totally nailed this “first day of school” style thing. Now it’s time to master multiplication, and reading, and flushing. I digress. Let me show you all the fabulous, and adorable, and totally cool goodies they found.

lands end back to school

Clare has mad style. I want this entire outfit in momma size. She started with the very grown up Campus Flap-Over Backpack. (more…)


Easiest & Best Pasta Sauce Recipe Ever

Easiest & Best Pasta Sauce Recipe Ever Stop buying pasta sauce in a jar. For real, knock it off. It’s so easy to make your own, right out of the pantry, at the last minute. I’m gonna give you the scoop on my basic recipe for the easiest & best pasta sauce ever, then list all the ways you can customize it depending on what you happen to have in stock in your fridge or cupboard at the moment.
Easiest & Best Pasta Sauce Recipe Ever
Get the Easiest & Best Pasta Sauce Recipe after the jump… (more…)